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Contracting News

Placing HMRC higher up the payment pecking order in insolvency is premature and poorly timed.

Chancellor told to consider if his ‘misleading’ comments need amending or clarifying.

LCAG disputes IOPC finding ‘no evidence’ Revenue saw customer as a threat to themselves.

Temp billings ‘bounce back’ on the back of Brexit concerns, but only very faintly in IT.

What chance for you and your client next year if even a big bank is struggling with IR35 reform now?

Fears of a whitewash as taxman gets told that he alone can decide his appropriateness.

New hoops for directors to jump through, thanks to the 175-year-old register digitalising.

Contractor group responds to claims it hasn’t supported those caught by the April tax.

Bank puts contracting’s viability in doubt, as all direct PSC hires will cease from September.

Six scenarios set to play out over 183 days; and half hold disadvantages for UK contractors.

Chancellor is asked to take back his ‘simply false’ statement about LCAG.

Signs of a flexible taxman (once you settle) are pleasing; less so his other new clawback power.

Be aware of all rules, especially any that put you inside IR35, or you too will be bitten.

Treasury turns down 160 MPs fighting for contractors, in a ‘ridiculous whitewash.’

Another April 2020 change will add to the admin-compliance burden, but PSCs might actually like this one.

Treasury has until Thursday, but a vote to force the charge’s suspension already looks likely.

Growth in demand for IT freelancers has not looked as miniscule since August 2016.

When even what they call themselves isn’t correct, you can know the arrangement is a wrong’un.

Now-live digital tax accounts are cause for much less concern than you’re being led to believe.

Disgraceful. Scandalous. Unprecedented. More of the truth about HMRC must come out today too.

Practical tips ahead of Friday’s final deadline get issued, pending a last-minute reprieve.

John Thompson faces charges of misdirection on multiple fronts, including HMRC’s Hyrax ‘victory.’

Officials insist their only point about suicide stories still stands -- consent was lacking.

Providers remain online, unphased and offering ‘glass crash helmets’ if HMRC wins, again.

Letter to the chancellor seeks apology and correction for taxman’s ‘barefaced lie.’

Vacancies vault to a solid seven per cent growth, easing placements back from the brink.

The contractor compliance cocktail is strong but, fortunately, IR35 and MSC can’t be mixed.

Like the TV host, contractors will need facts, not just good fortune, to trounce the taxman.

Revealed: five falsehoods of a report ignoring the unprecedented, the unfair and the upsetting.

The best of the contractor industry will be crowned in London for their ‘exceptional’ service to contractors.

HMRC tipped to ramp up account-raiding as part of its loan charge recovery effort.

Ten ‘hot’ skills; five negotiation tips and one big deal that your 16% premium wants approved.

Law firm says it’s case of comply and risk being sued. Or keep the client but face sanctions.

Chancellor urged to cease and desist, as 60 HMRC customers are considering killing themselves.

Overview of the chancellor’s small offerings, including reaction to the big ‘no-show.’

Hammond hit for being unhelpful, as Loan Charge, MTD and IR35 reform all get his go-ahead.

Hammond hails a ‘Britain fit for the future,’ despite Brexit ‘uncertainty over the economy.’

No changes due in today’s Spring Statement, so you can draw your dividends strategy now.

‘Frustrated’ contractors vote with their feet, saying 11th hour grovelling is too little too late.

Brexit’s edge exerts a ‘chilling effect,’ resulting in a 29-month low for IT contractors.

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