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The top service providers to the contracting community in 2020 revealed in virtual event. 

Insolvency pandemic protections are right. But do the new rules strike the wrong balance?

Another government-imposed shutdown thanks to coronavirus provokes as many as it pleases.

Six technology specialisms contractors ought to wish they had this Christmas (and beyond).

The future for umbrella businesses looks bright, based on both yesterday’s IR35 meeting and the government’s wider activities.

Covid lull replaced by a 40% spike in enquires, including the thousands of firms HMRC now deems ‘high-risk.’

The second biggest fine a firm has got for flouting data law should be a warning to all.

An unwieldy IR35 reform consequence that HMRC doesn’t intend for, and is going to snuff out, is creating quite the furore.

‘It’s all about the irreducible minimum,’ the Revenue is likely to argue, in a bid to banish the ‘brand’ argument.

To commemorate World Mental Health Day, us and Samaritans urge you to check in on your fellow contractors, and others -- SJD.

September’s slew of unconventional jobs activity coincides with expectations still weighing heavily on the government.

Self-isolation at home and tax uncertainty away looms for Britons with Polish contracts.

What PSC contractors can leverage in the chancellor’s covid-induced fiscal package.

A sea change is here. Alongside a taxman who’ll keep chasing and schemes that’ll keep targeting. But hold on to your old ways -- and you’ll struggle.

Rishi Sunak, the clock is ticking to stop the mass closure of small incorporated business. Only you can provide the vital economic aid they need to survive.

Worse than just 'irrelevant,' the chancellor’s package for UK contracting is condemned as 'ill-winded'.

Getting back to work is the goal of most (even the government’s). This scheme looks like a punt that misses.

Consistency was one of IR35 reform’s silver linings. But without many noticing, it’s now been removed.

Despite the unsurprising move, UK contracting fears it could mean support for PSCs is even further off.

Covid-19 has ripped into HMRC’s settlement capabilities as 6,000 cases aren't concluded, chancellor told.

Making a ‘prudent and reasonable’ check of their tax return is a director’s job, not an accountant’s – FTT.

Brollies, accountants and contractors trash an emailed attempt to earn a ‘quick buck’ off 2021’s off-payroll rules.

Accounting bosses tell the Treasury Select Committee that the chancellor would be right to raid people who work for themselves.

In my nearly two decades in the contractor industry, moments don’t get much more significant than this, says Qdos boss Seb Maley.

How to protect and remove your personal details from the register gets a refresh.

Like some HR teams and clients, not all agents push back on off-payroll negligence. Seems PSCs have a choice to make.

Its backers say the last and best hope of stopping the 2019 levy just needs a few more people to chip in.

Sunak’s statement to the OBR unusually omits exactly when his fiscal package will be delivered.

Brexit and covid uncertainty is paving a path which is leading end-users to temps first.

Penalties and a criminal record awaits the ‘irresponsible’ ignoring the 14-day self-isolation order.

As huge tax reform is already waiting in the wings, an ‘odd tweak’ to other rates is seen as more likely.

Almost all the liabilities PSCs pay stand to be hiked at chancellor Sunak’s November statement.

Official support for homeowners runs out on Oct 31, the most frightening day in the calendar – this year more than most.

One of London’s oldest financial institutions is among the contractor clients committing to the new normal way to work.

‘Groundswell of public support’ lets accounting boss upwardly revise his big number to £325,000.

An old appeal to shun take-home pay inflators could do with reissuing now, thanks to IR35 reform.

Workers wanting to be ‘in the know’ (plus a new regulator) give KIDs a bright future.

Sunak asked to put a special income levy on all DR loans, and a six-month declaration delay.

A defence about the sports presenter’s ‘brand’ could have produced a very different result.

Six scenarios which Brexit guidance to work temporarily abroad will likely refer to, and which contractors should beware.

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