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What a Supreme Court ruling might mean for other directors who pay dividends only for their companies to subsequently enter administration.

Brolly bosses write to their staffing partners to try to avoid the same fate as Orange Genie – being removed from PSLs.

The FCSA expels one of the contractor sector’s longest-serving brollies, and vows to tighten its own members’ compliance code from 2023.

Nominations open to suppliers going the extra mile to support contractors.

Finding clients, sorting admin, and all while navigating both Brexit and IR35? Contracting abroad isn’t for the faint-hearted, but help is at hand.

The chancellor going for Budget status, while talking of ‘prudence,’ positions an off-payroll ‘consultation’ as a firmer prospect.

According to people who’ve been in the negotiating room with HM Treasury’s new boss, he’s versatile, open-minded, and not accepting of civil servants' scripts.

Contractor experts try to set aside their concerns, as the ex-chancellor who gave PSCs IR35 reform and next to nothing during covid is coronated Tory leader.

The need to appoint his potential boss could push chancellor Jeremy Hunt’s statement past Halloween.

A take-home pay dent for Liz, but not Jeremy, is one upshot of a very long week in politics.

With the ups and downs on dividends and IR35 over, it’s time for calm financial reflection.

Shambolic decision-making by government on the off-payroll rules in recent years, and months, just sunk to a new nonsensical low.

A PSC profits rate of up to 26.5% is back on the cards, following one chancellor’s political collapse, and his successor raising the stakes on limited companies.

The taxman has tried to illuminate the notoriously dark area of Disguised Remuneration with a study. One thing’s for sure, at least he’s consistent.

A victory for virtual hiring is being undermined by the risk of Brits finding it harder to land work than illegals.

Advisers say a chancellor needing to ‘steady the ship’ fortunately doesn’t fit with him U-turning the off-payroll rules’ removal.

Seeing no bounce from IR35 reform repeal, job-seekers are warned of exposure to a slowing economy this winter, just as ‘hiring freezes’ begin.

The new government should tackle this pernicious tax policy in the same way it would clear up a financial scandal.

Now the euphoria of the off-payroll rules dying has died down, the reality we all face is little more than known unknowns.

Survival guide to the Off-Payroll Working reforms (not IR35), being revoked.

With virtually all lenders withdrawing fixed deals amid unprecedented volatility, it’s hard to imagine a better time to use a broker.

Logic prevails – even in Whitehall, where the historic decision to banish off-payroll reform is the right one.

Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng stuns an elated contractor sector, by sensationally revoking the ‘tainted’ off- payroll working rules of 2017 and 2021.

Kwasi Kwarteng unveils his Growth Plan, with a big surprise -- the full scale 'repeal' of IR35 reform.

Following online claims about how his association serves contractors, CEO Chris Bryce responds with what he finds unprofessional, unfair, and unjust.

Agency bosses say the appetite for temporary techies is continuing, even if such contractors’ wants and needs are changing, and occasionally clashing.

To do you right, your agent should stop you joining the long line of brolly employees switching mid-contract for the wrong reason.

In a sign all’s not well with HMRC’s new blacklist, two scheme directors say they object to their inclusion. And potentially, rightly so.

IR35 dominates a range of expectations for chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng’s first Budget this Friday.

By claiming PSCs are 90% non-compliant and then making their clients liable, HMRC pulled off a master stroke. Chancellor Kwarteng must act.

If the reports are right, contractors aren’t alone in not finding branding oneself easy. So, our new PM is already setting an example.

The umbrella company accreditation body responds to calls to publish the terms of its new four-person disputes team.

Economic conditions worsening last month just as the covid bounce petered out, saw candidates, and clients, ‘play it safe.’

Unprepared hirers. Too few IDSPs. And a Home Office-caused bottleneck. What 99% of us want still looks unfit for the digital age.

'Other emergencies' pressing the new PM renders as unlikely a robust or rapid off-payroll review.

As recession looms, at least the type of IT contractor recruitment agent you need isn’t in doubt (assuming you like your back scratched).

Technology recruiter Hays reveals what’s in store for IT contracting in the UK.

The favourite for No 10 says she won’t ignore nine ‘tragic, appalling’ losses of life over a tax policy.

Even the Bank of Auntie probably only gets visited occasionally (by PSCs trying to put down more on a property).

A home loan insulated from inflation for half a century looks just the ticket. But is it a case of looks being deceiving?

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