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Job News

Initially 'not guilty' tech manager admits to a £220,000 fake invoice scam.

'Times New Roman is for the lazy; Helvetica is for the honest and Comic Sans is for clowns.'

Petrol-head techies will lap up a VIP race day experience at an agency's expense.    

UK's contracting tsar is sad about how self-employment is seen by Labour MPs.

Honesty will be the only policy if a new virtual certification system becomes compulsory.

Isis killer is an ex-computer programmer who has a knack for sales and holds a 2:2. 

Dataset casts the tech sector as cautiously optimistic, despite louder talent pains.

Ministers' actions from May will make or break the UK’s digital future – report.

Technology is the strongest capital investment that banks and financers are set to make.

Start-ups and jobs in technology seem to have the edge over those in financial services.

New digital qualification means not having to choose between earning and learning. 

Digital workers emerge as less closed off and casual than the stereotype.

Graduate techies trump the average university-leaver's salary by some £17k.

Consulting firm's admin 'still processing' the upside of 200 IT courses for free.

ONS credits managers, officials and directors with the freelancing boom.

Treasury set to snatch back the £10,000 tax-free personal allowance for non-residents.

It was hated at the time, but 'trimming the fat' in IT divisions has gone down well.

How a single sham substitution clause may spark a mass of backdated wage demands.

Much to end-users' relief, a boost to youngsters' 'digital employability' is incoming.

Firms are devoting more to IT, where candidates have been - and will be - under par.

Briton behind the 'biggest military computer hack of all time' begins IT freelancing.

Cyber crime divides firms, as traders aren’t bothering but corporates are.

Landing the job is sometimes just a trio of questions away, says Alistair Cox.

Demand and rates for cyber security freelancers are on the up, both at home and abroad.

The Digital Skills Committee will explore ICT, skills and the UK’s competitiveness.

Java developers, software managers and consultants lead the network's 'movers' table.

Workers taking whatever they can get isn’t why self-employment is booming – report.

Corporate techies emerge as the latest must-have among foreign spy agencies.

IT budgets set to spike at investment management firms, securities traders and insurance brokers.

'Masters of their own fates' set to outstrip the number of public sector staff in four years.

Firm's offering to would-be techies more than computes to its ex-CEO.

Last quarter saw tech firms' best growth performance in almost a decade – report.

'Crumbling' IT infrastructure compels firms to up tech spending by 9%. 

Start-ups to boost ‘the digital capital of Europe’ by taking on lots more techies.

Another tech glitch at the state-owned bank prompts an alarming admission.

IT worker admits laptop in his local landfill is laden with £4,597,000 in e-currency.

Workloads of those in computing have increased the most over the last 12 months – Randstad.

Pay and positions for techies stuck at their lowest levels since January – Reed.

EY set to double its cyber security and Big Data manpower.

Techies in the top 10 qualifiers for reaction times, spatial awareness and coordination.

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