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Contractor Job News

Firm's offering to would-be techies more than computes to its ex-CEO.

Last quarter saw tech firms' best growth performance in almost a decade – report.

'Crumbling' IT infrastructure compels firms to up tech spending by 9%. 

Start-ups to boost ‘the digital capital of Europe’ by taking on lots more techies.

Another tech glitch at the state-owned bank prompts an alarming admission.

IT worker admits laptop in his local landfill is laden with £4,597,000 in e-currency.

Workloads of those in computing have increased the most over the last 12 months – Randstad.

Pay and positions for techies stuck at their lowest levels since January – Reed.

EY set to double its cyber security and Big Data manpower.

Techies in the top 10 qualifiers for reaction times, spatial awareness and coordination.

Inexperienced permies seen as the biggest barrier by IT hirers ready to staff-up.

Tech boss with a penchant for gadgets, gambling and forgery gets seven years.

July was the hottest month for temporary IT workers since May 2011.

Revenue nets a commercial 'CIO of the year' to lead its £500m IT operation.

Staff at NHS England seen as the casualties of a late IT contract agreement.

Software giant will spend years hiring those who ‘think differently’ about IT.

Walkout at HMRC offices applauded for coinciding with RTI’s introduction.

Number of IT directors planning to shed staff falls to its lowest level in five years.

Digital agenda boss readies a €4.5m shot in the arm for the skills-starved IT industry.

Eight weeks of searching & eight hours’ talking (plus a possible test) required of IT candidates.

Tax institute's loss seen as HMRC's gain.

UK IT contractors not alone in being warned of only scant increases in pay and prospects.

The current market for IT talent; where the money will be and where it's dried up.

Peter Moore says ask me anything, as he recalls his 946 days held at gunpoint.

Personality is often the key to unlocking your next contract – IT staffing boss.

Uncertainty cuts deeper into IT budgets, but the weakness is only temporary.

FSA wants the identities of senior IT managers whose infrastructure could fail.

Rejected software development applicant to remain in the dark about where she erred.

Tech giant's clients warned of a 'detrimental' impact to their operations.

RBS's tech meltdown to scare banks into modernising their IT systems.

Corporate departments, and their leaders, at odds over the Olympics.

No shortage of people seeing record self-employment as a Good Thing, but are they right?

Incumbent IT providers, or skills, are being edged out by newcomers in the job stakes.

Staffing boss says the ripping off of temps, and the taxman, is rife.

IT security contracts experience strong demand as global internet use continues to surge.

Skills watchdog mulls the IT workforce growing at almost twice the national average.

Financers' spending plans have weakened, but fatter IT budgets remain on the agenda.

Engineering, technical and IT staff bear the brunt of far fewer temporary contracts.

Former Yahoo boss far from alone when it comes to embellishing his CV.

Yahoo loses its head amid claims his CV was padded with a computing degree.

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