Experts are no longer alone in thinking a plan to accredit MSCs is flawed.

A call to accredit service providers is being considered by HMRC.

Letters from HMRC foreshadow 'the first test case of MSC legislation.'

Taxman: anti-avoidance laws are partly to blame for the VAT queue.

Almost 50 pages are deployed to clear up 'ambiguity' in new anti-avoidance legislation.

Just like IR35, new anti-avoidance laws will only 'paper over the cracks.'

A face-to-face with the taxman aims to demystify new laws for contractors.

The state is 'making up laws solely to bite workers it doesn't trust.'

Personal service companies will be the dominant model for UK IT contractors.

A shelving of 'third party' rules wouldn't make a MSC any less taxing.

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