Contractors’ Questions: Is AI in recruitment really an ally?

Contractor’s Question: This AI in recruitment article makes for an interesting read but Artificial Intelligence is not an “ally” though, is it?

AI is driving even more craziness in terms of keyword searching and making it harder and harder for skilled candidates to find jobs, as they're excluded almost immediately because they don't have the exact random match of skills that someone who has no experience in the field has quickly put together just to get selected!

Expert’s Answer: Your concerns are valid. While AI can streamline certain aspects of the recruitment process, it also brings challenges, particularly in terms of inclusivity and fairness.

It is therefore crucial that Artificial Intelligence gets integrated intelligently to enhance human decision-making, rather than being solely reliant on superficial keyword matching.

Essential recognition

You rightly allude to the importance of the human element. It's essential to recognise that no algorithm can fully replace the judgement and emotional intelligence that humans bring to the table.

Recruiters with deep sector expertise become even more critical here, especially for highly specialised roles where a nuanced understanding of client-need and candidate ability is key.

The Artificial Intelligence bias

We can never overlook the issue of AI biases, as it is a significant concern. AI systems are only as unbiased as the data they're trained on and how their algorithms are designed. Ensuring fairness in any AI-driven recruitment processes demands commitment to ongoing vigilance and proactive measures to mitigate biases.

Essentially, while AI can be a valuable tool for the staffing sector, it must be integrated intelligently and with awareness of its limitations. The combination of AI's ability to drive efficiency and the essential human touch will lead to the most beneficial outcomes.

The expert was Charlie Cox, the commercial director of staffing giant SThree.

Tuesday 19th Mar 2024
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Written by Charlie Cox

Charlie Cox is the commercial director of SThree, which is a global STEM-specialist talent partner that connects sought-after specialists in life sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics with dynamic organisations across the world. Charlie has been in the staffing industry for 17 years, with most of that being in the contractor sector. He has global staffing experience, and a UK-specific focus having managed the SThree PLC strategy for off-payroll reform in the private sector.  

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