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Charlie Cox is the commercial director of SThree, which is a global STEM-specialist talent partner that connects sought-after specialists in life sciences, technology, engineering and mathematics with dynamic organisations across the world. Charlie has been in the staffing industry for 17 years, with most of that being in the contractor sector. He has global staffing experience, and a UK-specific focus having managed the SThree PLC strategy for off-payroll reform in the private sector.  

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With temporary techies’ pay up 23% in the last two years, our advice to clients to not cut corners on rates must be resonating -- SThree.

The government binning IR35 reform, only to dust it off a few weeks later, has made long hours of knowledge-sharing worth it.

Top tips from SThree on what end-users should consider before taking contractors on.

14th September, 2022 | Successful Contracting

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