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Adrian is a specialist lawyer, founder and CEO of the recruitment law consultancy Lawspeed ( as well as chairman of the Association of Recruitment Consultancies ( Lawspeed has been servicing the recruitment sector since 1997; its clients are hirers, recruitment businesses and contractors interested in contract terms, compliance, IR35 and other regulatory advice.

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IR35 contractual best-practice looks like this…(but just make sure to show your client/hirer too).

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25th March, 2024 | Guide to Contracts

Recruiters are right to warn IT contractors that the days of looking for squiggles to find evidence of contract acceptance are over.

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‘Caught-PSCs are only employed for the purposes of tax, which you may be having overly deducted.’

23rd April, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Legal aid for a limited company contractor whose IR35 case is undermined by his coronavirus hopes.

6th April, 2020 | Coronavirus

Get to grips with your new obligations as temporary workers’ fee-payer or client.

22nd March, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform