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Angela is the managing director and senior adviser at Yolo Wealth our chosen advice partner. She has over 16 years’ experience in the industry, having spent the last 9 years specialising in advice to contractors and freelancers, and has worked in partnership with us during all that time.

She has helped her clients with all aspects of their finances over the years, but with particular specialism in retirement planning, pensions, savings and investments and utilising investments for tax mitigation. Angela trained and qualified through the London Institute of Banking and Finance, holds a current statement of professional standing and is fully registered with the FCA to provide advice.

Author Content

Small but significant tweaks to the UK’s ISA landscape could make contractors happier investors, despite groans and some grumpiness.

6th December, 2023 | Money

Increasing how much tax-free saving accounts can hold would be better than streamlining ISAs on November 22nd.

Once the 'go-to' pension for tiny traders, a SIPP in 2023 represents a proposition all contractors should get their head around.

Overview of options of the financial type -- for when contractors want to stop contracting and build a nest egg.

Help is at hand to make the most out of your annual pension allowance increasing to £60,000.

Top six financial planning tips for a contractor to review to ensure the numbers stack up better in 2023.

31st March, 2023 | Money

Paying for death-in-service benefits via your PSC can be non-taxing for you and your loved ones -- if you get it right.

19th April, 2022 | Limited Companies

Retirement saving explainer for contractors who run their own personal services company.

22nd October, 2021 | Limited Companies

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