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Chris James BFP FCA is a Chartered Accountant who regularly speaks on taxation matters affecting Limited Company contractors, umbrella workers and the recruitment supply chain. He is head of accounting operations at JSA Group, one of the UK’s largest contractor accountants and umbrella services provider. Chris is also the current Chairman of the FCSA.

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With a new IR35 in force, and brolly regulation fated, the models to go contracting contain more ‘nuts and bolts’ than ever before.

16th November, 2021 | Successful Contracting

It was on the ‘pros’ list of the chancellor’s measures, but the SPR will feel like a ‘con’ to many PSCs.

‘Enjoy your fancy food and drink, but not so much that you forget to keep a record.’

25th January, 2021 | Limited Companies

Hosting your usual December dinner before April 6th 2021 to avoid the pandemic shouldn’t attract a bill from HMRC.

3rd November, 2020 | Limited Companies

The future for umbrella businesses looks bright, based on both yesterday’s IR35 meeting and the government’s wider activities.

More than one annual event can indeed be tax-free, yet beware a picky HMRC if you get too personal.

7th October, 2020 | Limited Companies

‘Agree to the purchases for a peaceful lockdown – just don’t put them on your PSC unless you want to hear from HMRC.’

14th July, 2020 | Expenses

Limited company accountant helps a mum-to-be, curious about timing to keep baby expenses from kicking.

7th July, 2020 | Limited Companies

How a dinner-accommodation package priced at almost £300 is still tax deductible.

23rd October, 2019 | Expenses