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Hrishi Kulkarni

Hrishi Kulkarni, managing director of iSIPP, is a technology enthusiast with over 20 years’ professional experience. He’s dedicated to bringing a customer-first approach to the ever-evolving world of pensions and retirement. He is committed to making technology accessible and impactful for all pension savers providing the simplicity, transparency, and control to help individuals manage their retirement goals.

Author Content

Undermining your retirement aspirations with a vehicle purpose-built to achieve them looks like this.

11th October, 2023 | Money

Stashing your cash in bricks and mortar versus a SIPP -- the pros and cons.

4th October, 2023 | Money

What is a pension lump sum? When can pension lump sums be withdrawn, and what should contractors consider?

1st September, 2023 | Money

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