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James Hallahan, Hays, Director of Technology Solutions (UK&I), has over 20 years’ experience in technology and digital recruitment, and solutions that deliver outcomes for customer success. James is responsible for delivering strategic growth across both the private and public sectors, through scaling existing products and services and innovating with new solutions to both existing and new markets within which we operate

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Technology recruiter Hays reveals what’s in store for IT contracting in the UK.

What organisations should be doing to make tech contractors want to work on their projects.

12th August, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Amid the soaring heat, Hays explores somewhere else that’s also hot for many: the IT contractor jobs market.

Opportunities lay ahead for freelance IT workers – here’s where, and what they pay.

Alongside ‘supply and demand,’ another dynamic is dominating the contractor labour market -- ‘cause and effect,’ ever since April 6th.

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