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Kate Cottrell is the MD and founder of Bauer & Cottrell Limited, established in 2003, specialising in IR35, tax/NIC status and the Off-Payroll rules. A UK leading provider of IR35 contract reviews and IR35 defence services, having defended and won hundreds of status/IR35 investigation cases.  

Kate previously worked, as an HMRC Employer Compliance Manager. Kate was engaged by the OTS (Office of Tax Simplification), as the IR35 expert tasked with undertaking the review of IR35 and writing the report for the Chancellor.

Kate was a founder member of and served on the HMRC IR35 Forum since 2011 and was called to assist and give evidence to the House of Lords committee on the use of Personal Service Companies. Expert contributor to sector specific and National publications.

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Some Olympic-style results are emerging from HMRC’s off-payroll game – but the public sector won’t win any medals for IR35 compliance.

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‘We are analysing your feedback’ really meant ‘We are dismissing if it doesn’t meet our three aims.’

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