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Nigel Nordone is the charismatic head of tax at Qdos, leading the IR35 contract review firm’s team of IR35 consultants to deliver the best in compliance. Nigel’s a former HMRC Inspector of Taxes specialising in IR35, tax investigations, status, PAYE, and employer compliance. He has first-hand experience into HMRC’s handling of enquiries, and has personally represented hundreds of clients who have been under IR35 enquiry over the past two decades. He shares his knowledge through countless workshops and seminars in relation to IR35 and employment status, and is a champion for fair treatment when it comes to tax.

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Contractors can do very little to stop being randomly selected, but quite a lot to keep these four from being hoisted in HMRC’s direction.

3rd June, 2024 | IR35

With the general election now around the corner, would a party that promises then delivers on repealing the IR35 off-payroll working rules be reducing the UK’s tax burden?

28th May, 2024 | IR35

A need-to-know on HMRC penalising and charging interest under the Intermediaries legislation.

17th May, 2024 | IR35

To protect your outside IR35 status optimally, your next contract ought to have no notice period whatsoever.

22nd April, 2024 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Definitions for the terms contractors commonly come up against in the status space.

9th April, 2024 | IR35 Reading

Now or never: PSCs who paid IR35 bills in 2019/20 have until Friday to submit ‘overpayment relief claims.’

A rundown of the key timelines if probed by HMRC under IR35, so you can avoid being the next Cowan or Lynagh.

3rd May, 2023 | IR35

Even once you close your PSC, the tax office has up to 12 months from your final tax return to launch a probe.

11th April, 2023 | IR35

Ex-inspector says HMRC hasn’t totally ruled out historically probing contracts that last year went from outside to inside.

12th January, 2022 | IR35

Returning to a path well-trodden, the taxman is policing PSCs’ payrolls, potentially as a 'way-in’ to probing IR35.

Taxman says he’s checking if you’re ready to restart him probing your status. Is saying ‘no’ really an option?

By only ‘encouraging’ non-central government clients to pay out, the chancellor is ensuring thousands of contractors get overlooked.

9th April, 2020 | Coronavirus

Personal preference dictates if payroll trumps PSC, but beware the retrospective risk.

19th February, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

With reform looming large, the cost of an IR35 review could be small; even divisible.

3rd January, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform