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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

What was once ‘appropriate’ is now ‘correct’ -- just don’t call it ‘blanketing,’ IR35 Forum told.

Key IR35 Forum members distance themselves from the MOO paper on their website.

Contractors cowed to go ‘inside IR35’ by trusts threatening a one-two legislative punch.

Giving roles 'safe harbour' from IR35 is signalled in the broadcaster's hush talks with the taxman.

The health service’s hiring managers are struggling with ‘disastrous’ reform – study.

As a new CEST is rumoured, emails show ‘Ltd’ was all but compulsory for BBC talent.

Far from moving away from them, the BBC’s payments to ‘Ltd’ presenters are up 25%.

IPSE: Taxman’s responsiveness will worsen should status decisions be made more difficult.

We’ll keep objecting, but off-payroll rules on all PSCs are now a foregone conclusion, experts say.

‘Unimaginative,’ ‘shameful,’ ‘outrageous.’ Or is it just a cry to contractors for help?

Not for want of trying! HMRC fails in its second attempt to catch a PSC ‘well-versed’ in IR35.

Urgently place reform that has decimated IT contracting under a microscope, says IHPA.

MPs decline their ‘inexact’ chair’s invite to grill taxmen about policies for PSCs.

Broadcaster hands cash to around 15 of its PSCs hit by ‘devasting’ HMRC demands.

One year since reform, ‘the guinea pig’ is squealing over having to pay higher rates.

IT agency boss sounds business-as-usual verdict, as any changes ‘some way off.’

Tax body reveals what needs resolving now to stop a spread to the private sector.

Contractors seen ‘turning their backs on PSCs' for the fourth month in a row.

The BBC’s man on IR35 says the Treasury will get what it wants this autumn.

Wrongly being found inside IR35 will drive life-saving PSCs outside the country.

Regardless of what agencies and clients put in place, changing IR35 is a non-starter for most PSCs.

Contractor relinquishes his public role against IR35, citing a lack of commitment.

Qdos believes that if IR35 befuddles the taxman, it must be beyond firms too.

Taxman hints he’s using his experience in the public sector to change IR35 in the private sector.

Firms will ask how they’re meant to decide IR35, when not even HMRC can get it right.

Three status factors and a bungling HMRC can’t keep a courageous PSC down.

‘PSCs being misclassified will inspire another select committee in two years’ time.’

As a radio host’s anguish leads to her attempted suicide, the BBC takes action.

The IR35 digital tool acquired comic status at yesterday’s select committee.

Some PSCs' IR35 liabilities may be met by the BBC, but it won’t meet MPs tomorrow.

Second expert says a fifth of your income could go if ‘inside IR35’ under April’s regime.

Agents, PSCs and brollies rally against April’s IR35 reforms just being superimposed.

Growing consensus is that April 2020 is when IR35 is much more likely to change.

Private sector IR35 consultation won’t be released until 'the coming months,' -- HM Treasury.

Advisers to PSCs expect anything ranging from nothing -- to the publication of the IR35 consultation.

'Complex' issue of its PSC usage compels the BBC to make some clarifications.

ContractorUK readers invited to get the IR35 lowdown on March 15th, about what’s unveiled on the 13th.

Amid pressure from a Tory MP, the broadcaster is hitting out at PSCs’ advisers.

‘Real threat’ to staffing, as eight in 10 PSCs would be deterred in a CEST-only world.

Contractor to mount a day of action against a 2019, or 2020 extension.

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