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IR35 News

From April 6th 2017, IR35 status for Public Sector Contracting will be determined by the client, not the contractor.

For more information on these upcoming changes visit Public Sector Contracting. You can also have a look at what the contractors and industry experts are saying about it in our Public Sector IR35 Forum.

If you are unsure of your IR35 status you can get an IR35 contract review. You can also cover your tax and IR35 risks with IR35 insurance.

There is further IR35 information below.

Plus, the six other areas you need to know about if you're a contractor now, and over the next two years.

'Recruiters are wrong to deduct student loan repayments from IR35-caught 'Ltd' contractors.'

Cash pledges wanted, to help take the taxman’s 'iniquitous' off-payroll rules to court.

Health officials admit their stance on the off-payroll rules was 'not accurate.'

Significant number of contractors have 'thrown in the towel' since April 6th.

Almost a fifth of clients are stumping up incentives to make ex-PSCs stay on.

Despite public sector 'chaos,' the track operator signals faith in its off-payroll staff's status.

Agencies worrying; clients double-checking, PSCs refusing and the ESS changing.

'Be ready for HMRC’s challenge if your outside IR35 result hinges on ESS question five.'

Revenue recommits to the results of the ESS, following claims they are in doubt.

PSCs behind the ESS quit over IR35 fears, sign-posting a 'bumpy road' for the Revenue.

Two steps to take before Thursday if you've already been deemed inside IR35.

Off-payroll angst hits fever pitch on the health service, as compulsion replaces choice.

Recruiters ask MPs if next week's IR35 reform is a baby too big for its pram.

Eight areas where the ESS falls down and needs fixing.

A real disruptor for their organisation is just a fortnight away, say nine in 10 officers.

Final set of April 6th rules outlaws clients from making blanket IR35 assessments.

Convert to a brolly and so pay more tax than inside IR35, or be gone, PSCs told.

Almost all contractors fear walking out before April will hurt taxpayer-funded bodies.

Budget 2017 fears compel the first commercial outfit to begin banishing 'Ltd' workers.

'Courts have already ruled against the flawed approach that HMRC is still evolving.'

Another expert says PSCs with commercial clients could be brought into scope on Wednesday.

Check your status for tax, invites HMRC, opening the ESS -- in all but name.

Fee-payers must decide PSCs’ status before using the later than promised ESS.

Local government leaders team up to push IR35 reforms back until October.

Cautious chancellor unlikely to move off-payroll rule liability, but a 'duty of care' is feasible.

Off-payroll techies at Guy's & St Thomas' say a £16.5m project will grind to a halt when they quit.

Latest stance on the off-payroll rules is released, just as the tool to bed them in isn't.

1,700 'Ltd' workers to leave the government sector within the next seven weeks.

Off-payroll rules seen as a springboard for HMRC to investigate contracts before April.

'Aggressive tree-shaking' exercise at DE&S, as PSCs are told to comply (somehow) or get out.

Personal service companies facing April’s IR35 changes are among those handed an official guide.

More than 16,000 people are objecting to the IR35 changes in the public sector.

IPSE tells contractors how to avoid IR35 reform affecting Q1 take-home pay.

City transport body bars 'Ltd' workers, as it moves to 'do its duty' and protect itself.

Join Orange Genie for the lowdown on IR35 changes in the public sector.

Draft IR35 legislation puts the new liability on end-users, not agencies.

Naïve; disingenuous and heading for a fiasco -- say the taxman’s own status advisers.

Government's 18,000-strong IT contractor workforce to be cut in half from April – IPSE.

Heated meeting between tax and agency staff boils over into accusations, rebukes and denials.

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