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Money News

Officials not talking straight is adding to uncertainty for firms aiming for proper treatment.

'As most small companies only know MTD by name, next year is far too soon for it.'

What’s already being cut for contractors with property is put into the PM’s crosshairs.

A 'candid' late payment tsar reveals success is still in single figures, despite him being operational for eight months.

'And even then, with Brexit, MTD and IR35 reform looming, it needs conditions.'

A lender’s new offer is shaped around the Treasury changing buy-to-let’s economics.

The ceiling for when VAT applies should be higher than today’s £85,000, says IPSE.

Be ‘very careful’ not to spark an HMRC investigation, dual income taxpayers told.

A hardening taxman is on the lookout for ‘out of the ordinary’ transactions.

A taxman going back over a decade in 'reasonable care' cases is 'wrong in principle.'

Steep rise in HMRC’s use of its potentially ‘unfair, uncontrolled, gloves-off’ agents.

Brexit puts the full rollout of HMRC's digital revolution on 'pause.'

People likely to be panicked into paying the taxman are being targeted by crooks.

The Revenue’s penalty regime is about to ratchet up in earnest.

Contractor debt advisory’s concern is echoed by a national small business body.

City lawyers say the taxman’s admission is why you shouldn’t simply pay up.

Flat rate treatment for all (regardless of employment status), hailed as too big a prize to ignore.

A squeeze on the Budget looms, as it’s set to coincide with costing our exit from the EU.

The Small Business Commissioner issues his first advice to the out-of-pocket.

ATT says it’s come up with a simpler sanction than the Revenue has for late payments.

Contesting the taxman’s claims digitally has the edge over doing it manually.

Deadline, what deadline? Droves still to settle up, and staring at £100 fines.

'Three strikes and you're out' approach mooted by the small business commissioner.

Contractors’ wealth managers are likely to welcome a relaxation in wrapper rules.

Not being a ‘flesh and blood human being’ is why the taxman has come unstuck.

Hassle ahead for ‘Ltds’ whose accounting period spans their first MTD VAT quarter.

Or at least they’re trying to, alongside claims about vertigo, rabbits and a Glasgow nightclub.

Quick plan of action sought to divert an ‘overlooked’ hit on importers’ cashflow.

Being ‘Ltd’ is now the standard operating procedure for property investors.

'An extension to the trust registration deadline for self-assessing doesn’t go far enough.'

Big dent in the £85,0000 ceiling billed as a ‘disaster’ for one-person traders.

At-a-glance rundown of what OTS is proposing on Value Added Tax, and why.

Revenue reminded that only 5% of what’s missing is from people ducking their liabilities.

Three ways to ease Value Added Tax’s complexity said to be incoming.

A true champion of small businesses would tackle IR35 and the dividend tax, says Qdos.

Appeal for HMRC to be 'sympathetic,' despite its 'business as usual' stance.

Guidance, examples and a calculator called for to cut through complexity.

One-person firms unware of the 'SBC,' and unconvinced the state is serious.

Former businessman with 20 years' experience hired as the UK’s late payment tsar.

Revenue challenged not just to make tax digital, but 'do-able' as well.

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