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Money News

Latest count of cash flowing into the exchequer shows the highest numbers ever.

Accelerated Payment disputes set to heap more pressure on an already log-jammed system.

Taxman concedes, but he still won't need proof of intention to prosecute.

Not even a third of small suppliers chase big clients in the first week of being unpaid.

Revenue praised for replacing instant penalties with a new 'risk-based' approach.

New high in HMRC payouts to tax whistleblowers, who are increasingly in professional services.

First week of 2015 begins to put earnings into your own pocket - not the taxman's.  

Earning £100 online provokes the taxman, while incurring it pacifies him. 

Online trader who was let go by the Revenue, only to lie on his tax return, is sentenced.

Wide-ranging look at penalties considers what to do if 'life just gets in the way.'

The tax plans that must have proved too taxing for officials to work out properly. 

'Tens of thousands' of digital suppliers hope an exemption from VAT rules emerges next month.

Almost 10,000 more self-assessors told to pay for purposefully under-declaring.

Tech executives help the leafy Surrey suburb excel at paying income tax.

IPSE hopes David Cameron gets his way, for the health of e-services suppliers.

Not declaring to the taxman is criminalised, regardless of any intent to defraud him.

Chancellor vows action next month, potentially against those who advise on dodging HMRC.

Being fined for filing your tax return 'a day or two' late may soon become a thing of the past.

Alerts to file early are having an impact, but only on some self-assessors.

A month behind bars for every year she stole from the public purse goes to a female tax official.

Taxman will only accept genuine reasons for missing his deadline, not exotic ones.

Hundreds of people a day chasing up to £1,000 a time for tipping off the taxman.

A third type of tax-free ISA is on its way, in what's billed as boost to start-ups and savers.

One contractor-friendly home loan is just a taster of lenders' much cheaper offerings.

HMRC told of une bonne idée to stop companies drowning in credit notes from April.

Telephone and paper VAT filing on offer to taxpayers who meet certain criteria.

Neglect and write-offs are how the government treats money it's owed, say MPs.

Legislation touted as the end game if the state is serious about helping unpaid suppliers.

Template for contractors who want to join the big push against Accelerated Payment Notices.

'Chancellor deserves some credit, but paying the tax he levies still takes almost five months.'

Taking court action against those who owe but won’t pay now costs almost twice as much.

More than 80% object to having their financial details sold on by the taxman.

Tax-free savings accounts receive the most funds since they were launched in 1999.

Chancellor says HMRC won't need to prove intent, only that money is taxable and undeclared.

George Osborne shows himself to have contractors' financial interests at heart.

When changes to mortgages, pensions and savings take effect, and what they mean for you.

IFA tots up how contractors' finances fared in Osborne's 'mini-budget.'

Solicitors' giveaway of £150 wills may not add up to contractors with complex affairs.

Less than four weeks left for higher income child benefit claimants to dodge hefty fines.

The cost of financial advice is rising, yet not in areas oft-asked about by contractors.

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