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Money News

'Credit-reliant contractors finding business tough should seek help and advice.'

Budget basic rate starting point hike coupled with lower limit ensures middle earning contractors don't benefit.

Chasing clients over overdue invoices just got more lucrative – Safe Collections.

£60k-plus contractors still receiving child benefit have 15 days to act.

April 5th is the cut-off date for contractors in the 40% and 50% income tax bands. 

Poverty fears due to recede for individuals looking to do business on their own.

Charity says households reliant on freelance income are the most credit-reliant.

Fewer overseas tie-ups from HMRC in its fight to catch UK tax avoiders and evaders.

50K-plus contractors face having to pay back child benefit from today.

Companies and individuals get an HMRC amnesty to pay tax they’ve avoided.

'Putting AIM shares in increasingly vital ISAs won’t suit everybody.'

Men bear the brunt of the once valuable perk now being much less worthwhile.

Contractors' IFA on what Osborne's announcements mean for your pocket.

Chancellor urged to treble the amount Britons can stash tax-free.

High and middle-income earners advised to bring their contribution forward.

Multiple holes in taxman’s avoidance strategy exposed by scathing bean-counters.

Evasion taskforce deployed in the South East to catch tax cheats.

Letters are starting to fall through the letter boxes from HMRC to explain new rules for Child Benefit.

Tax rises have left the UK penalising its top earners with one of the highest personal tax burdens in the world.

'Many business scenarios' to be taxed on more income than they made – CIOT.

Savers sheltering £11,280 from HMRC should see their tax-free allowance increase to £11,532.

HMRC must payout on all VAT refunds authorised late, regardless of what triggered them.

Even if no tax is due, paper form-fillers must return them by the month-end.

Hefty tax savings and big returns lost on almost half of self-employed retirees.

Notify us or face penalties of up to 100% of the tax owed - HMRC.

'Taxpayers who complain will be probably be vindicated, at least in part.'

Having to feed the taxman in real-time will see the smallest firms get bitten – CIOT.

Compensating millions of savers hit by glitchy IT starts with a £20 payout to all.

'Doing away with tax credits could make self-employment uneconomic for many.'

Fewer people missing the tax deadline doesn’t equate to less money for HMRC.

Revenue to 'look through' UK residents’ foreign companies at Brussels’ behest, says Low Tax.

Revenue shows its readiness to pounce on traders making innocent mistakes.

Talking up the scale of tax loophole exploiters may backfire – HMRC.

Tax expert guides self-assessors through the maze of making payments on account.

IFA: There's good reason why contractors won't cheer 'responsible lending.'

Every taxpayer should have a chance to settle up, not just doctors, dentists and plumbers – CIOT.

Businessman never told his VAT respite was over escapes a £4.5m tax demand.

More tax planning by business owners winding up is not being lost on HMRC.

Being a millionaire no longer guarantees an extravagant lifestyle, merely 'affluence.'

More individuals sheltering cash in Liechtenstein than the taxman first thought.

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