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Clean-up efforts look underway, with agencies, government and a charity responding to the payroll sector’s ‘not great’ goings-on.

It’s wild; hysterical and panic-inducing – and that’s only the coverage. Fortunately for contractors, the likelihood is just a reversion of the property market to 2021.

For being more limited than limited companies feared, Hunt’s CGT reforms are a bit of a let-off for small, entrepreneurial businesses.

A timely refresh from the Revenue has industry advisers divided over the trigger. If there was one.

Campaigner: No surprise chancellor Hunt didn’t touch the HMRC policy -- as opposed to schemes, which he absolutely should have tackled.

Beware the false umbrella employers; ineffective opt-outs, and Arthur Daley-esque insurance policies.

‘Less money to go around’ for PSCs is the result of changes to dividends, corporation tax, and the 45p rate. But how much less money is the question.

With an extra bill of £3,750 from corporation tax alone, no wonder some PSCs feel Hunt is hunting them to extinction.

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Unfortunately the limited company workload isn’t going to lighten. But this non-negotiable ‘reform’ might have the odd upside.

23rd November, 2022 | Limited Companies

What a tax lawyer says umbrella and limited company contractors should know about Jeremy Hunt’s Green Book.

17th November, 2022 | Money

An understanding of both tax residency and IR35 is required to realise when international contractual chains are caught.

16th November, 2022 | IR35

Amid uncertainty over tax rises, some businesses will have no choice but to consider hiring freezes -- REC.

14th November, 2022 | Successful Contracting

What payslips need to look like, contain and not include, to help ensure you’re getting every penny that you’re due.

11th November, 2022 | Umbrella Companies

Sense-check on fees for a freelancer on his family accountancy firm’s sole trader and limited company package.

10th November, 2022 | Money

Next week’s Autumn Budget could add another twist or turn to the Intermediaries legislation’s already bumpy journey.

9th November, 2022 | IR35

Tax, compliance, and ‘efficiency’ recommendations for when your customer is in the UK but you aren’t.

8th November, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

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