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Minister chooses not to say that the offset is already being factored in to off-payroll compliance checks.

The only prime minister to have ever gone against IR35 indirectly gains a backer -- former Cabinet minister Sir John Redwood.

'Mr White' features in both, but unlike Reservoir Dogs, Manolete Partners v White is a tale of cunning plans, executed with real flair.

Before going forward to HMRC to blame their tax adviser, contractors should check they’d pass the ‘double-reasonableness test.’

Advisers are relieved, as an avoidance scheme that preyed on many contractors is finally ‘named and shamed’ -- albeit just for the next 12 months only.

Leaving just one part of your profile less than ‘dope’ could be what loses you that dream IT contract.

The underway Festival of Learning is the perfect springboard to teach yourself what you want, over what your clients need.

The future for Power BI contractors looks bright, as organisations focus on data-driven decision-making, data visualisation and analytics.

Latest Guides

Pay particulars for IT contractors demystified -- including covid’s legacy.

21st September, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Top 12 tried and tested tips for limited company techies on keeping both aged debt and bad debt at bay.

21st September, 2023 | Guide To Agencies

Whether you want to break into it, or move across from your current specialism, these variables and lines lead to software engineering.

14th September, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Explainer on HMRC’s SDC, including three steps contractors can take to stop SDC being present.

13th September, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Tips, tricks and heads-ups to ensure it won’t be your timesheets that slip you up.

13th September, 2023 | First Timers

London isn’t alone in seamlessly connecting IT contractors with temporary opportunities at telecoms companies.

12th September, 2023 | Successful Contracting

A rundown of the key tests and technologies required when securing a remote desk as a contractor.

12th September, 2023 | Successful Contracting

Compliance with HMRC and essential, efficient business strategies? It’s no longer a case of never the twain shall meet.

8th September, 2023 | Limited Companies

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