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Latest News

A supposedly US firm is trying to fleece UK umbrella companies by seeking an initial line of credit for 'phantom' contractors, with convincing nods like ‘due diligence,’ IR35, and HMRC-risk.

A first-person account of a Teams call with a scammer, which hopefully proves third time’s a charm.

Top 10 considerations ahead of you working from the UK for a company based wholly overseas.

Contractor advisers: ‘If there was ever a hint or wake-up call to get due diligence in place now, this is it’ -- so ‘ignore it at your peril.’

Contractors ‘strongly advised’ to pull out of four avoidance schemes, newly ‘named and shamed’ by HMRC and accused of ‘destroying lives’.

Contrary to popular belief there’s actually a few ways to sweeten the bitter pill of moving from limited to umbrella. Or if not sweeten, make palatable.

The idea that the former midfielder can take the ban (not the ball) on the chin (not his head), is probably wishful thinking.

Replies to MPs not according with the status struggles we see day-to-day is proof that the taxman no longer lives in the real world.

Latest Guides

Knowing the status you have as a company director is key to unlocking your holiday pay entitlement.

22nd May, 2024 | Limited Companies

A bypass to inside IR35/OPW payment processes has emerged – with potentially lethal HMRC consequences for agencies and end-clients.

21st May, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Top 5 tried and tested techniques to combat overreliance on recruiters.

20th May, 2024 | Limited Companies

A need-to-know on HMRC penalising and charging interest under the Intermediaries legislation.

17th May, 2024 | IR35

Five traits of a best-practice brolly, so you can tell if your umbrella is worth holding on to (or not).

16th May, 2024 | Umbrella Companies

Top 10 botches of the contractor expenses kind – each of which directors should make it their job to avoid.

13th May, 2024 | Limited Companies

The loan/repayments parts of a high street deal can appear just like a specialist deal. But looks can be very (very) deceiving -- not to mention massively costly.

10th May, 2024 | Money

An overview to the vital court proceeding which holds public bodies like HMRC to account.

8th May, 2024 | Successful Contracting

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