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Latest News

Despite being legally required to, the taxman taking offline those he ‘named and shamed’ just a short time ago doesn’t give contractors the protection they want - and need.

Top seven year-end tax planning tips contractors can follow right now, to minimise their next HMRC bill.

Contractor accountants fear they’ll have no choice other than to join the government agency in putting up prices for Personal Service Companies. 

Lawful or Laughable? Security reforms on the UK register of companies shouldn’t push up prices – just as they shouldn’t be a joke.

Candidate availability at what feels like a three-year high isn’t causing cuts to pay or personnel, even if the ‘r-word’ can historically hurt at renewal.

In a world where limited company tax efficiencies are increasingly few and far between, directors cannot afford to miss this potent £60,000 threshold.

Thinking ‘I’ve Got This’ is too often a sign you’re a bad interviewee -- way before the interview has even started.

Trucks popular with the self-employed will stay as they are, with even new legislation to keep DCPUs in the tax-friendly lane.

Latest Guides

An off-payroll contractor’s rundown of in-business factors -- vital to help you demonstrate outside IR35.

29th February, 2024 | Successful Contracting

Why the twice-yearly call to the chancellor is probably worth backing, especially if you’re a PM by day and an app seller by night.

27th February, 2024 | Limited Companies

Four things candidates don’t want to hear, plus six secrets agencies really don’t want you to know.

26th February, 2024 | Guide To Agencies

Everything contractors need to know about a tax-efficient Members’ Voluntary Liquidation – spelt out by a trusted specialist in the field.

22nd February, 2024 | MVL

What to tell an agent if you suspect you’re on the end of their fishing expedition.

20th February, 2024 | Guide To Agencies

Overview for contractors of dividend considerations for the new tax year, starting April 6th.

9th February, 2024 | Limited Companies

Help for a stuck and seemingly early stage tech entrepreneur with three businesses, who’s already not naming names for fear of HMRC.

8th February, 2024 | VAT

Notice how a fifth of your time just disappears? That’ll be your fully-remote contract taking its now-proven toll.

7th February, 2024 | Successful Contracting

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