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Contractor hiring body APSCo asks Rishi Sunak to probe an unfairness at best; an abuse at worst.

The government patting itself on the back on IR35 isn’t what’s irking contractors' fatigued advisers, who want ‘less talk more action.’

Pay premiums persist, even if demand for temporary techies was way ‘off its peak’ in April.

Better for the environment, worse for wellbeing? Studies on WFH increasingly say it’s exactly the opposite.

FCSA’s Chris Bryce says the furore about umbrellas withholding monies is easy to understand. The legal position; less so.

Standing back to take in the whole picture of the factual matrix is the unifying factor of numerous IR35 judgments.

Professional Passport CEO Crawford Temple on why, contrary to popular belief, regulation isn’t the best answer.

With the government excluding an employment bill amid ‘rife’ non-compliance, it’s left to Margaret Beels to do what ministers ‘unsurprisingly’ are shirking.

Latest Guides

Quite a few burdens facing a relocating limited company director indicate adviser fees will quickly pay for themselves.

23rd May, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

With care and consideration, plus two other fundamentals, contractors can indeed buy what’s in their company.

20th May, 2022 | Limited Companies

Despite them being more taxing since April, dividends still deliver higher take-home than paying salary alone.

19th May, 2022 | Limited Companies

Client paying you personally? And exerting tight control? Refreshingly, according to the CoA, you may still not be a disguised employee.

17th May, 2022 | IR35

Mental Health Awareness Week 2022: what taking care of yourself – while searching for your next opportunity -- should look like as a contract professional.

12th May, 2022 | Successful Contracting

The shrewd won’t skimp on a financial profiling adviser who, in turn, shouldn’t skim over the key financial areas that inform PSC workers of their worth.

4th May, 2022 | Money

Few and far between are your options for working abroad, although Cyprus looks more of a go-to than Spain and the Netherlands.

4th May, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Don’t get caught offside by the taxman with generic contracts; key factors against you, and witnesses that fail to score for your side.

3rd May, 2022 | IR35

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