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A 27-year high in inflation? Not grounds to panic (just yet), but likely a cause for action if you’re a limited company contractor with a mortgage.

With still no Single Enforcement Body emerging, IWORK, Contractor Voice and JobsAware step into the void.

Neither of the prime ministerial candidates, nor the chancellor, are addressing the HMRC policy that’s tragically taken nine lives.

‘Hirers rightly hesitating over hiring plans’ brought IT contractor demand to a more ‘normal’ level in July.

Hiring changes from the Home Office still contain a gap that urgently needs bridging.

Contrary to the business department’s claims to justify its action, now would have been the perfect time to solve the UK’s status crisis.

Do you want to be the football guru on ContractorUK and win a cash prize?

The business department is accused of deafening irony for using the effects of IR35 – ‘cost and uncertainty’ – to justify inaction.

Latest Guides

What organisations should be doing to make tech contractors want to work on their projects.

12th August, 2022 | Successful Contracting

With a cost of living crisis squeezing bottom lines, the financially-savvy will check that their defences against late payment are primed.

11th August, 2022 | Money

A German national contracting here for a Hamburg client faces no tax implications, but possibly a negotiation.

9th August, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

What organisations should look at and where, to decide who they need; permies or freelancers.

4th August, 2022 | Successful Contracting

Deciding where you want to be tax resident is a good starting point, when your time is complicatedly split between two countries.

4th August, 2022 | Contracting Overseas

Four big clues on when providers shouldn’t be touched with a bargepole.

3rd August, 2022 | Umbrella Companies

A new agreement ‘because of IR35’ says the right thing on mutuality, and hours, but gets it wrong on exclusivity.

3rd August, 2022 | IR35

What end-clients can pose to contractors to help separate the wheat from the chaff.

1st August, 2022 | Guide To Interviews

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