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Arshia is a specialist business immigration lawyer and has practiced in this field for over a decade. She regularly handles issues such as sponsor licences (including compliance), right to work issues, corporate support, the implications of Brexit and support for those entering the UK for work purposes. Arshia has specialist experience in dealing with technology and sports-related immigration issues. Her client base includes a range of businesses from SMEs to multinational corporations as well as individuals.

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Excitement still surrounds HPVs, but the elitist universities’ list could put off the best, brightest, most exotic minds.

Definitions, criteria, contractor eligibility. Government has a fair few blanks to fill in on the HPV.

18th November, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

Spring’s GBM visa already looks like a boon for secondees and suppliers, bar any devil in the detail.

17th November, 2021 | Contracting Overseas

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