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Founder and CEO of Integro Accounting, Christian Hickmott has over 20 years of accountancy and working practice knowledge. He understands the wants and needs of contractors, having lead some of the largest accountancy firms in the business before founding Integro Accounting in 2013. A brand based on integrity, trust and loyalty.

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Getting right the nitty gritty of company formation from the start can pay dividends later.

6th October, 2022 | Limited Companies

An explainer for contractors on the roles and responsibilities of directors and shareholders.

3rd October, 2022 | Limited Companies

Want to formalise your business; get protected and increase your take-home pay? Sounds like you’re better off ‘Ltd.’

28th September, 2022 | Limited Companies

The April 1st launch of digital tax accounts is here. Don’t be a fool -- get clued up and compliant.

Overview of HMRC expenses rules for reimbursing yourself on technology purchases.

9th February, 2022 | Expenses

The answer to this popular query by PSCs is a reassuring ‘yes.’ But be across many considerations.

27th January, 2022 | Expenses

Tax tips for a contractor whose home-based role requires two trips to the Middle East.

13th January, 2022 | Expenses

Just like Companies House, the Revenue punishes the unpunctual. So get in way before Jan 31st.

22nd December, 2021 | Limited Companies

Accountant admits he’s the bearer of bad news, unless biros are better than bubbly.

2nd December, 2021 | Limited Companies

Introducing your very own trusty tool, to show what your limited company owns – and owes.

23rd September, 2021 | Limited Companies

Not complicated but necessary, these records for your limited company should be up-to-date and to hand.

6th September, 2021 | Limited Companies

How much it will set you back to set up, maintain and operate an incorporated business.

25th August, 2021 | Limited Companies

Shoeboxes are out, but you still need a way to keep your company’s records in order for six years.

1st June, 2021 | Limited Companies

Don’t act in haste but do get clued up, whether the measures are personal or business.

22nd April, 2021 | First Timers

Plus, the almost half as many items where Value Added Tax isn’t recoverable (excludes grey areas).

15th April, 2021 | VAT

An overview of the HMRC option popular with new directors, and other contracting first-timers.

14th April, 2021 | VAT

‘Doing your books is one thing; juggling multiple duties to HMRC and Companies House is quite another.'

1st April, 2021 | Limited Companies

The what, why, how and lingo of P&L for limited company directors.

26th January, 2021 | Limited Companies

Could be £12; £40 or £100-plus. Or even ‘free.’ Yet only one route will pay dividends later.

15th January, 2021 | Limited Companies

Following on from part one, everything else PSCs need to know about VAT (includes IR35 and laptops).

3rd December, 2020 | VAT

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