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Following nearly 4 decades working in various tax disciplines, Graham co-founded WTT to offer his deep experience and understanding of complex tax structures to those embroiled in tax enquiries.

Graham’s career in tax began in 1976 when he joined HM Revenue and Customs. This was followed by stints in private practice specialising in niche areas before moving to Barclays Group Tax in 1987 and securing his membership of the Chartered Institute of Taxation. In the 12 years there, he dealt with a range of issues from Gilts trading to sovereign debt provisioning to Executive remuneration. He also worked for a period in the leasing business which led to him joining the big-ticket leasing division of Royal Bank of Scotland in 2000. In 7 years there and post the leasing business being reorganized, he worked on devising products for the bank’s FTSE listed clients.

In 2007, a move to Future Capital Partners saw Graham returning to private practice. As part of a diverse portfolio of work, he structured a number of funds one of which focussed on renewable fuel.

Now, Graham focusses on developing robust and extensive tax policy for WTT and is regularly ask to comment for press and most recently the treasury select committee during an inquiry on HMRC’s powers and the Finance Bill. More recently Graham was awarded best forum adviser and best forum personality in the ContractorUK Awards.

Author Content

A compromise to ease the impasse between taxman and taxpayer exists -- but it’ll take clean hands and open minds before the long journey can begin.

A beast that exists only in tax law -- the loan charge -- gets unpacked, exposed, and totted up by one of the Revenue’s former officials.

31st January, 2023 | Money

Contractors at the sharp end of the tax year face limited options, lots of HMRC notices, and little to no room for ignorance.

Add IR35 inertia into the mix, and we could see the unblocking of issues that both blight HMRC and harm contractors.

Autumn Budget is unfortunately too soon for an overhaul of the complex, erosive HMRC policy.

Third parties now demanding those ‘never will be collected’ loans are the sting in a long tail.

9th June, 2021 | Money

A sea change is here. Alongside a taxman who’ll keep chasing and schemes that’ll keep targeting. But hold on to your old ways -- and you’ll struggle.

There’s no secret to Accelerated Payment Notices reducing. The taxman has just run out of targets.

And expecting any official measures to close or underpin it, is like waiting for Godot.

It’s tempting to take the path of least taxation. But contractors have been here before.

The off-payroll legislative draft is silent on who could, should and does pay for the Status Determination Statement.

27th February, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

In an event-run world of murky twilight, shifting sands, and contrasting views, toe the line.

Between now and Monday, many still have an unenviable decision to make.

Why ruining 1,500 contractors’ bank holiday weekends (and potentially their livelihoods), takes more balance than you might think.

An important cut-off if you’re caught by the charge and are settling looms large -- a week today.

The freelance world closing in is almost here; again. But it’s a (un) merry-go-round some of us can get off.

Disgraceful. Scandalous. Unprecedented. More of the truth about HMRC must come out today too.

Revealed: five falsehoods of a report ignoring the unprecedented, the unfair and the upsetting.

As the knockout blow eludes MPs, it’s Loan Charge officials who are actually inflicting the real damage.

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