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Komal is a legal consultant at Gerrish Legal, holder of an LL.B in Law and French Law from the University of Birmingham, and a candidate for the French Bar preparation at the Sorbonne Law School, Paris. She currently specialises in commercial contracts, data protection and intellectual property in the tech, e-commerce, recruitment and fashion industries.

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Thankfully the European Commission has added the UK to an elite club -- no major surprise, yet it was touch-and-go for a bit.

Even if you don’t identify as a ‘digital trader,’ you too probably need to process these new UK-EU rules.

19th February, 2021 | Successful Contracting

Adequacy decisions, SCCs and the bridge are key terms to compute if you send/receive people’s information.

6th February, 2021 | Successful Contracting

There’s work to be done for Brits processing European personal data. And penalties for those who shirk it.

Legal action against your supplier is more likely, even if it is a bank which stopped your money.

12th May, 2020 | Guide to Contracts

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