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Seb Maley is an IR35 expert, regularly commenting in national media on the topic. He is CEO of Qdos Contractor, a leading IR35 advisor and IR35 insurance company.

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Stopping the taxman in his tracks as he took on an end-user with 300+ contractors went like this.

A silver bullet to stop HMRC is the stuff of legends. All the more reason to protect yourself with these five.

10th May, 2023 | IR35

New figures indicating the off-payroll figures will rake in £6billion from an invariably over the moon HMRC are damning.

Overview of what cover from the Intermediaries legislation/off-payroll rules actually looks like.

27th January, 2023 | IR35

Badly let down by his accountants, the Sky Sports pundit and former rugby star won’t even get to tackle the taxman.

A status expert’s reflections on 12 months that will live long in the memory – for all the wrong reasons.

Shambolic decision-making by government on the off-payroll rules in recent years, and months, just sunk to a new nonsensical low.

Logic prevails – even in Whitehall, where the historic decision to banish off-payroll reform is the right one.

A public sector IR35 mistake of a different kind is still an opportunity HMRC probably won’t miss.

A new agreement ‘because of IR35’ says the right thing on mutuality, and hours, but gets it wrong on exclusivity.

3rd August, 2022 | IR35

‘Freelance’ in many senses of the term they may be, but two HMRC-hit presenters worked very differently to IT contractors.

Contrary to the minister’s letter, the communicating, listening, learning taxman simply didn’t make an appearance before either off-payroll rollout.

What limited company suppliers should emulate from a celebrity IR35 winner who failed all three key status tests.

Clients soon compelled to a ‘by the book’ approach looks like a boon for lots of truly off-payroll workers.

Some of the obstacles of the last 12 months may start to clear, yet IR35 isn’t going anywhere.

Paying for three items yourself would bolster your in-business credentials, but another trio is much more important.

14th July, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

It’s not business-as-usual. But limited company contracting is far from on its knees.

The threat that HMRC and its original IR35 continue to pose to PSCs just turned very real.

How to tell if an SDS from a client or third-party will stand up to HMRC scrutiny.

9th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

'The status of your next contract is just the expected IR35 categorisation, not the actual categorisation.'

8th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

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