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Seb Maley is an IR35 expert, regularly commenting in national media on the topic. He is CEO of Qdos Contractor, a leading IR35 advisor and IR35 insurance company.

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Clients soon compelled to a ‘by the book’ approach looks like a boon for lots of truly off-payroll workers.

Some of the obstacles of the last 12 months may start to clear, yet IR35 isn’t going anywhere.

Paying for three items yourself would bolster your in-business credentials, but another trio is much more important.

14th July, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

It’s not business-as-usual. But limited company contracting is far from on its knees.

The threat that HMRC and its original IR35 continue to pose to PSCs just turned very real.

How to tell if an SDS from a client or third-party will stand up to HMRC scrutiny.

9th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

'The status of your next contract is just the expected IR35 categorisation, not the actual categorisation.'

8th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

‘Even if an IR35 specialist is handed the Status Determination Statement process, it’s the end-user who’s still liable.’

7th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

First in a five-part series of ContractorUK readers having their queries on today’s off-payroll rules answered.

6th April, 2021 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Being massively overlooked is the fact that HMRC enquiries into limited company workers will continue long after April 6th.

What’s been on the status front, and what shan’t now repeat itself. Hopefully.

Six signs that bode well for getting the IR35 status determination you want.

20th October, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

In my nearly two decades in the contractor industry, moments don’t get much more significant than this, says Qdos boss Seb Maley.

Officially ‘well short of what’s required,’ the online status tool should offer a hard hat to anyone who picks it up.

18th August, 2020 | IR35

HMRC’s public sector performance is probably a sign of things to come, for PSCs, agencies and clients.

15th July, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

Get the bill passed quickly while not insulting ‘switched on’ peers? Seems like a no-brainer for the government.

Control and Mutuality brushed him inside IR35; other aspects painted the rest of the picture.

5th March, 2020 | IR35

It’s not all bans, blankets and heads in the sand. But reform also needs more than just a new name on a SoW.

15th January, 2020 | Private Sector IR35 Reform

From HMRC defeats to knee-jerk banks, 2019 was eventful for contractors. But 2020 is set to be huge.

It involves a giant of news, but this FTT case’s deciders have been massively underreported. Until now.