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    I operate as a ltd company and will soon be doing some renovations to our house, part of this will give us a new 'office' in the loft. I mainly work on client sites but do work at home sometimes and obviously use the 'office' for company admin stuff.
    Question is.. can I pay for some/all of the expenditure of this part of the renovations through the company, therefore saving the VAT and reducing tax in the process? Looks like it will be around £10k, so well worth the effort if it can be done.
    Anyone done this type of thing before?

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    Yes. I had my garage converted to a new room for an office and put all the building, decorating and furnishing (carpets etc) through the books, no problem.

    As long as it looks like an office (e.g. no bed etc.) in it when an inspection occurs, you're fine.

    Only downside is that when I eventually sell the property, I think I may have to pay some sort of tax or something on that proportion of the rise in value.

    But I don't plan to do that for many years.

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