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    I am due to rent an apartment with my other half.
    She works freelance and will be working from home all day.
    We plan to use one of the rooms as a shared office.
    I will utilise this space for my web servers and for occasional remote working.

    Can my Ltd Company pay for some of the rent?
    Or will I feel the rath of the IR?

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    Be careful, I've heard people try this and the Scumb@g Revenue eventually OK it but they then went and got the authorities to charge "Business Rates" on part of the property (in addition to Council Tax). W@nkers !!!

    You know the IR, they will try squeezing money out of you by any means ...
    Also your rental agreement may forbid "running a business".

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    This was a risk until a few monthsago, but following a case they lost, the business rates thing you mention is no longer a problem. Main part of text:

    Revenue relents on home workers -
    (10/20/03 10:37 am)
    Reply Revenue relents on home workers

    From todays Times

    MILLIONS of people working from home who have been threatened with
    paying business property rates on top of council tax have won a
    victory over the Inland Revenue after a landmark case brought by one
    of its own employees.
    Eileen Tully, who works for the Revenue, mounted a successful
    challenge against her employer’s policy of threatening people
    working from home with paying business rates as well as council tax.

    The Valuation Office Agency, the branch of the Revenue that assesses
    properties for business rates, said it would not appeal the
    decision. It also agreed to change its guidance to ensure that
    people working from home, provided they are not running a full-scale
    business or employing people on the premises, will not be penalised
    with extra tax.

    blah blah

    Siding with Mrs Tully, the judge at the Land’s Tribunal, where
    rating cases are heard, said: “There must be very large numbers of
    homes in the country in which those living there do some or all of
    their work, without any outward indication that someone is working
    in the property.” He said a home should only be re-rated if the
    accommodation loses its domestic character and where employees visit
    the premises.

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    Can my friend get his money back + interest ???

    Yeah, right ... answers on a back of a ten quid note please

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    if you renting an apartment then you are most likely going to have "no business" clause, the question is when working from home becomes "business", I am going to work from home myself which I personally view being in line with "no business" clause, I wont have any special business rooms, guests ect - so I think I will be fine.

    My landlord is company and if they have problem with me earning a living this way to pay them rent then they can fk off and I will go elsewhere

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    why not subletting one room to your business at business rates? Money in pocket + a lower year-end tax bill.


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