Advice needed on accepting a contract in The Netherlands. Advice needed on accepting a contract in The Netherlands.
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    Default Advice needed on accepting a contract in The Netherlands.

    I am a contractor operating as a UK Limited company. I have signed a contract with a UK based agency who is paying me in euros into my business UK bank account. However, the contract is to work on site in The Hague Netherlands.

    Prior to this, there was a contract to work onsite in Brussels. I have till now applied for a tax residency in the UK with HMRC and hence i have continued to pay my taxes only in the UK which has been fine with Belgium authorities.

    I have read that The Netherlands has a somewhat complicated tax system and i wonder if i can carry on operating the way i have in the Belgium. I realise that there is a mandatory SOFI or BSN registration. The former is for contractors not staying long enough. What is deemed as not long enough? Also is there a requirement for those registered under SOFI to be making weekly trips back home?

    I am going to get an apartment to stay at for my work there so am worried about this mandatory registration. This registration will place me on their systems and be put on the Dutch tax system as well. Am worried as I have heard allot about how the Netherlands is very on the ball and have even caught people at the airport who think they have been on the right side of tax contributions.

    Looking for some advice. Many thanks.

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    If you live more than 6 months (reset on January), you have to pay taxes in the host country, in this case NL.

    If you go to UK or any other country on weekends, that days does not count.

    I don't know if I'm answered your question.

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    Put simply you are liable for local taxes from day one, as is your company. There is no 183 day rule for one-man companies, tax is due where the work is done.

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