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    Quote Originally Posted by Maslins View Post
    I'm sure it's fine. To be honest given as NLUK said it's basically from "you" to "you" if it was me I wouldn't bother with anything formal at all. Surely you're not going to get one company you own to sue the other for breach of loan agreement?!

    ^^this is not professional advice
    Ok thanks, and I won't take it as professional advice. But yours and everybody's comments have honestly been really helpful! I don't now think this needs to be as complicated as I originally thought in my head, which is great.

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    It may be worth checking that the articles allow this sort of activity. I imagine they do.

    The practical consequences of breaching the articles are probably nil.

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    Quote Originally Posted by tkmk View Post
    Hi guys

    I have my established limited company as a contractor and I've created a new totally separate limited company for a side hustle

    I would like to loan my new company some money from my existing company, for which I'll need a loan agreement. Can anybody recommend a company or website where I can get advice and an agreement drawn up? I have searched on Google but difficult to assess the options, so looking for a decent referral.


    just a thought. Why loan it? Why not just make it a capital investment? It amounts to much the same thing but without any complex paperwork.
    Oh and the company owns the company.
    See You Next Tuesday

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