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    Quote Originally Posted by SimonMac View Post
    Did you work the month notice or did they pay you a month in lieu of notice?
    Contract requires one month notice. Client and Agent both agreed to pay in lieu of service.

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    Quote Originally Posted by jin View Post
    In your example, what if I work for the same bank, and the bank has not paid me salary? Should the bank insist me refunding those noughts in full or the bank consider the unpaid salary and adjust the amount?

    In my case, the pension contribution is from my salary sacrifice. I have not received my salary. Is my unpaid salary never taken into consideration?

    I have no contractual relationship with agent. How do I chase the agent?

    The contract is signed between agent and umbrella. I understand umbrella do not want to chase agent, but should they? or Do they have legal right to?

    If the umbrella signs a contract but does not follow the contract, then I think it is a huge risk to all contractors. We should all dump umbrella companies!
    You can keep coming up with examples until your blue in the face the facts are you did not get paid so the money never went through the umbrella, they paid your pension from their own pot of money so they will request it back, thats the joy of having another link in the chain, take control of your own money and go Ltd

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