View Full Version : iPod Touch Or Mini For Children

25th November 2014, 20:59
Any preferences or recommendations to buy either of the above for a 7 year old this Xmas, for the usual surfing, videos, music etc ?

Not bothered about 4G given the price difference but open to people's thoughts.


25th November 2014, 21:46
I'd say Mini, better for the eyes and fingers (and for those of the parents too).

25th November 2014, 21:52
For some reason the 'iTouch Kids' wasn't a big seller.......

25th November 2014, 22:31
mini is worth the few pounds extra as would the retina display.

I saw someone with an ipod touch recently and was surprised

1) in how small the screen looked
2) in how quickly that screen which used to be standard / bigger than many others has become so small...