View Full Version : Getting a new contracts seems a bit slow

Mr UK Bean
13th June 2005, 19:04
Is it just me getting a bit old or something but I’ve been looking for a new contract using VB, C# , ASP for the past 6 weeks and I’ve still not got a job.8)

Last time I wanted a new contract it only took me a week to find one.

I’m beginning to think these agents are only after new contacts from past employers to plug them for work

13th June 2005, 19:05
Where and how much are you looking for?

Mr UK Bean
13th June 2005, 19:08
Anywhere and I’m looking for £25 ph which is a lot less than I have been on

Tell me it's not just me, have i lost it or something

13th June 2005, 19:13
It might just be that it's holiday season, or something. Try reinventing yourself with a more powerful CV and move up the food chain. There's a lot of bottom feeders and it's often easier to look for £40/hr and get a contract. Strange but true.

13th June 2005, 19:15
VB, C# , ASP

In what environment?


13th June 2005, 19:17
Mmmmmm. Bottom feeders.

Ps Edited cos I spelt Mmmmm wrong.

Mr UK Bean
13th June 2005, 19:21
Yes finance

I’ve worked for banks, loans sharks, on-line share traders over the past few years and have some good household names under my belt but still no luck.

A Friend of mine says the same thing and he started looking about 3 months ago

"Bottom feeders" you say, well maybe but after 6 weeks looking what would you do ?

Not So Wise
13th June 2005, 21:42
Unless you are very new to those skillsets (or lost somewhere in the boonies) would say underpriceing yourself, as mentioned above it's generally easyer to get a contract if you price yourself middle or high end of the range.

1) Clients (often foolishly) believe they get what they pay for, quote yourself at a @#%$ rate, they think they are getting @#%$, charge top dollar and they think they are getting gods gift to computing

They want you to quote high so they can talk you down to a @#%$ rate and feel like they are getting a bargin.

2) Agents perfer you to be chargeing higher, for them 20% of £45 is better than 20% of £25, thus if someone with similar skillsets is chargeing higher (but still, with agencys margin on top, within the clients expectations) your cv will magiclly "vanish"

14th June 2005, 07:28
...ooh, finance is looking bad chum I'm afraid.

Banks are looking to consolidate and reduce staff. One bank's department now not be taking on UK contractors, for example.

The public sector looks much better, I would go there.