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22nd December 2003, 11:49
I seem to remember reading something about these guys some time ago but the details escape me.

I received a letter from them saying that I had to pay £95 to join something reference notifying the Information Commissioner when processing personal information, unless exempt.

Failure to comply has a fine of £5k.

Is this just a blatant attempt to shake me down for some cash or is there really a necessity to join up. Seems they've taken their time getting to me if the latter.

Needless to say of course, there isn't a telephone number on their blurb to ask any questions.

22nd December 2003, 12:09
All together now.... (to the tune of the Monty Python "Spam" song)

Scam scam scam scam scam scam

Send the letter to trading standards.

22nd December 2003, 20:57
or cut out the middle man and bin it - TS have lists of these scam companies on their website.

14th January 2004, 22:28
Seems the Trading Standards Office was well up to speed - got a swift reply saying that they knew of this scam, knew the company and it was currently under their investigation.


Earl Fint
17th January 2004, 10:08
Just had a letter from these myself today - checked the web and found your posts confirming my suspicions - thanks folks.