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5th February 2004, 11:41
Does anyone have any experience with www.1staccountancy.biz
I don't see any complaints on the forum and they seem to aprticipate regularly.

Mark Snowdon
5th February 2004, 20:49
the continuing support for NUFC may make you doubt his judgement.....

WWW ITDoctors co uk
6th February 2004, 11:48
I like the guy personally but as we are in competition so I'm bound to say you ought to talk to my accountant.

Supporting Newcastle is also very sad but then again I support Coventry so no room to talk.

Debbie Reinvented
6th February 2004, 11:50
He seems to be one of the most regular contributors to this board

6th February 2004, 12:16
Is that what they call “Damming with faint praise”, Debbie?

Debbie Reinvented
6th February 2004, 16:27
Wasn't intended to be ......

www 1staccountancy biz
6th February 2004, 18:12
Afternoon all....thought my ears were burning!!

Now that tax season is over, can get back to normal service! As for the supporting Toon, well what can I say....back to St James tomorrow then off to Ewok Park on Wednesday. It's been a few weeks since watched the lads from the stands.

18th February 2004, 16:05
> Now that tax season is over

I must have missed the announcement on that one - has GB simplified the system so much now that all income goes to the state and they pay you benefits depending on need?

www 1staccountancy biz
18th February 2004, 19:46
Fiddle....feeling a bit communist today?

19th February 2004, 07:10
I'm not I'm a true capitalist (http://www.************.co.uk?off=1) I just fear Brownstuff is heading that way.

I saw a bit on the TV from the striking civil servants - one of them said that most have such low wages they are getting benefits too - most newly created jobs seem to be cr@p paying service sectror jobs so they'll be on benefits too.

The way it's going half will be drawing benefits and the other half paying for them - I'd rather opt out of both sides of that equation.

How's your avoidance scheme going? - not heard much about it from you yet.

www 1staccountancy biz
19th February 2004, 11:42
The new scheme is developed, had to take a bit of a back seat during January but will be resurrected over the coming weeks, together with an additional product! ;)

How's your offshore scheme coming along?