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5th February 2007, 09:33
Hi all,

Something i've been meaning to ask advice on for a while, I (as many here) have my own Ltd Co and take a basic salary of 10k and the rest as divis.

Query I have is, I am now filling out a tenancy agreement form and need to state my income (last time I did this I was a permie) So, whats the best/correct way of doing this? My options that I can see seem to be as follows:

a) State 10k and provide the payslips my accountant has given me (this does not reflect my income though and would go against me when determining whether i can afford something surely?)

b) State 10k and divis to give a annual salary equivalent, no payslips would back this up though, possibly use bank statements?

c) State the amount I invoice each week multiplied by 40 weeks (seen 40 mentioned somewhere as a good figure to use) and provide the weekly payslips i get from the payroll guys here (equivalent of an agency for others I guess, although I am direct and not using an agent)

None of them seem to fit really, hoping someone can offer me some advice here..


- mrdavies

5th February 2007, 09:34
income = salary + divvies...