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9th February 2007, 09:00
No one has yet been seriously hurt by the letter bombs sent, it is suspected, by an angry motorist. None the less, it is a serious and well-planned campaign, bringing terror to many.

So, now, the country faces two wars on terror, two sets of enemies within. One with violent Muslims, one with violent motorists. Will the tactics used to tackle one, now be used against the other?

Shall Tony Blair demand that their leaders of the pro-driving lobby speak out unequivocally against the violence. Can we expect their spiritual and ideological leaders, Jeremy Clarkson and Richard Littlejohn, to denounce the violent extremists in their midst? They bang on all the time about motorists' rights and how harassed drivers are, but if they don't like it here, why don't they just stop whining and get off the road? No one forces them to drive here, do they?

I hear that these motorists - I'm not one myself by the way - gather in strange places. Will there now be raids on car showrooms? Shall car enthusiasts be monitored by the police? I hear they prefer to exclude those who aren't quite like them, like cyclists or public transport users. Their decision to choose to be separate from the rest of us ... well, it clearly threatens social cohesion.

They have their own schools for driving, when they can plunge deeper and deeper into this culture. The real fanatics even go to advanced driving schools. And driving, you know, it never had a Reformation, so - although I know it's a bit politically incorrect to say so - it's a bit backward. Not as modern as swiping an Oyster card.

These motorists have their own publications, where they buy and sell their chattels, and eulogise their fetish. Oh, and they have websites and programmes on television, even on BBC2, on which their spiritual leaders incite their followers every Sunday evening. Can you believe it the BBC giving these people and their fellow travellers a platform? I hope the authorities are watching this week for coded messages contained in this Top Gear programme. One of the so-called presenters even risked his life for his cause, nearly died, and now the video is on the internet to further inspire the followers of this fundamentalist movement that so often results in death.

And they have funny special clothes. I don't know about you, but I feel uneasy when I meet someone wearing driving gloves. It just is a barrier to shaking hands properly and connecting. They moan about cameras, which are to keep the rest of us safe. Some of the real extremists have been known to shoot, burn and bomb these cameras. And do you think the community elders ever inform on these young hotheads and their misdeeds?

This is a discontent that has been allowed to fester into violence, and you have to wonder whether a society that is too soft and tolerant is to blame, bending over backwards so not as to offend these motorists. We should have spelled it out years ago that they, too, have rights and responsibilities.

The government have spent so much money on them, building them special projects and their own areas where they can practise their culture, and still they complain. You'd hardly know this is England sometimes.

We just keep putting up with these people; no wonder we're going to hell in a handcart.

Swiped from the Guardian: http://commentisfree.guardian.co.uk/vikram_dodd/2007/02/post_1071.html

9th February 2007, 09:13
Guardian readers. Stab the lot of them.