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13th September 2003, 13:44
I would like my current broadband-connected PC to provide my other 2 laptops access to the internet. I am thinking of buying the following..

www.office-world.co.uk/li...wsubmenu=1 (http://www.office-world.co.uk/livp/webliv.pgm?action=start&wwgoto=web503&wwsid=S132A107Y033Q143X0J960937LB854X9&wwsku=207553&wwtab=SHOP&wwsubmenu=1)

would I need separate wireless cards for the laptops? How would the laptop connect? Is it through infra-red wireless cards?

14th September 2003, 09:36
Hi Reynolds,
Yes, you would either need to have each PC equipped with a wireless lan card, or alternatively add a network card to the single machine, attach this to a hub and then add network cards to each of the other machines and connect them to the hub as well. either way you will need to set the router as the default gateway for all machines to access the internet.


14th September 2003, 14:55
thanks terotech.

"set the router as the default gateway for all machines to access the internet."

how do I do that? I have bought the aerial adapter thingy rather than the network card - the signal strength is good and its sending out but its not getting a reply from the router??

14th September 2003, 14:57
And does anyone know how to configure te router so the Apache webserver can be accessed from the internet? In the config there's an option of Special Application Ports, but I'm not sure how to sort it.

14th September 2003, 15:55
*sigh* look for DMZ settings or port forwarding

14th September 2003, 16:09
The config has a Trigger Port and a Public Port, what do I do here? I've tried port 80 for each, but it doesnt work.

15th September 2003, 18:00
Try this one instead from Linksys (http://www.linksyssales.co.uk/linksys/store/isokart_viewItem.asp?idProduct=56).
You also get a 4 port switch for your old fashioned ethernet connections (useful as a backup) and it supports both 11mb and 54mb.
It's a piece of pi$$ to set up. You will need seperate wireless cards unless the laptops have built-in wifi. Unless they're fairly recent they probably won't.
I am using a Netgear 54mb wifi card, which cost about £45 from Dabs, again very easy to set up.

15th September 2003, 20:48

ive got other computers linked wirelessly, but i am still having trouble with running the apache webserver on port 80 even though i have enabled port 80 as a special application and put the server PC as a DMZ. ive just spoken to belkin helpline - it was obviously an indian call centre - and i knew more than she did. she didnt know port 80 was a webserver. fcking joke.

still not working - there is no help on google either. i think i might swap for the one you mentioned mordac.

16th September 2003, 14:34
For what it's worth I have a WRT54G too - works a treat - I've used it with a D-link 54g card, a Linksys 11b card (which I already had and was previously using peer-peer), and an Intel 11b usb.

Worth downloading latest firmware as 54g only recently ratified - you may get one with the 'draft 54g' firmware - not sure what the difference is but there could be compatibility problems with other manufacturers 54g stuff I guess unless they all run the same protocol.

I had a problem with one usb adaptor that had been working ok peer-peer but wouldn't work with the infrastructure setup for reasons unknown - as it happens I'd got it from PCWorld as it wasn't much dearer than buying online - they swapped it for another no problem (it was 9 months old).

I'd advise steering clear of using the built in XP wireless support - I never could get it working with encryption enabled but by turning it off and using the stuff that came with the wireless adaptors it all worked just fine.