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9th October 2003, 12:38

1) I'm looking to add a flight booking facility on my site. So rather than linking my site to ebookers or expedia, visitors will be able to enter their flight details on my website (with me earning a bit of commission at the same time). My question is, what travel websites offer this sort of thing. Currently, I'm interested in ferry, car hire, hotel and airline bookings.

2) Also looking to add some daily updated content to my site. Any recommendations such as horoscope (sad, I know), news (I think the guardian now charge for their news feeds), 'joke/thought of the day, cartoon etc.

Thanks, Piers

9th October 2003, 16:52
1) lastminute.com? to earn commission you would probably need to do things like deep-link these sorts of sites.

2) moreover.com offer newsfeed - but its US-based. you could try building/buying search bot software? - www.mycgiserver.com/~auto...t/bot.html (http://www.mycgiserver.com/~autonomy/peem/bot/bot.html)

10th October 2003, 13:57

BBC news offers lots of free RSS newsfeeds which you can use - not sure about horoscopes though...

info here: holovaty.com/blog/archive/2002/09/03/1206 (http://holovaty.com/blog/archive/2002/09/03/1206)