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22nd March 2003, 08:35
Anybody else seen a big increase in activity from the google webbot - Googlebot/2.1 ( www.googlebot.com/bot.html) (http://www.googlebot.com/bot.html))
I usually see a few visits but this last month it has been going berserk on all my websites. Are they having a spring clean ore something and junking outdated links. They'll have a job to with my sites if they do - I divert all 404s to the main entry page :)

22nd March 2003, 22:58
will check it when i get to work on monday, Google is a dynamic company, they can be up to something

23rd March 2003, 18:05
Would be delighted if I had. Stuck appropriate keywords in site headers, filled in stuff for a few engines and waited expectantly - nowt, so probably did something wrong. Never bothered to sort problem as nothing on my website of general interest anyhow.

24th March 2003, 00:24
> Never bothered to sort problem as nothing on my website of general interest anyhow.

That should make it easier - try "mainframe programming services" or "adso sample code" on google - there's me'n'rhino (itdoctors) right near or at the top. Can't work out if that is a :) or a :(

We get plenty of daily visitors considering the subject matter but so far only one hint of work (from a try-it on Indian company who disappeared as soon as we started to discuss rates. We've even had a few poor buggers asking us for jobs.

24th March 2003, 01:13
So fiddle where is the Rhino these days? or is he doing all the work while you swan around on this board?? hmm?

25th March 2003, 13:20
> is he doing all the work

He's still sitting about 10yds from me but I showed him how to use google - now he is hooked on a variety of other sites and only drops by here occasionally. No staying power :)

3rd April 2003, 04:10
no but theres a considerably larger amount of custom bots flying about.

www.peemsoftware.com/bot.html (http://www.peemsoftware.com/bot.html)