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21st November 2002, 13:05
I am currently a PL/SQL, Forms, Reports etc developer and I would like to re-train to Oracle Financials but there seems to be so much to it, I don't know where to start. Does anyone know which modules I should be looking at and in what order I should learn them ?

Mark Snowdon
24th November 2002, 12:59
Well for development you should get hold of a copy - I think you can get the linux version free from otn.

module wise the GL (general Ledger)/AR(accounts Recievable)/AP(accounts Payable) trio are most common.

The issue is getting good info on the programming interfaces and the data structures - look in otn/metalink

25th November 2002, 11:50
Thanks very much. Glad to see there are still some sensible people out there who are helpful rather than a lot of the other wasters who post to these boards.

29th November 2002, 09:52
That's because you posted on the correct message board.

btw. take care though, one of those waster might be the person with an answer to a future question... :)