View Full Version : Andy Farrel at 10

The Lone Gunman
12th September 2007, 17:36
Great news, I just hope he steps up to the task. He has not been the most confident in a Union shirt.
10 suits his skills from league and he can certainly kick.

Come on Andy, you know you can do it. If this were in a league shirt you would not even think about it.

12th September 2007, 17:37
do they need to do much thinking in league shirts though?

The Lone Gunman
12th September 2007, 17:41
do they need to do much thinking in league shirts though?Not a fan then?

Faz is a great player and captain for both club and country at league and that is no mean feat and requires a lot of thinking.

He just seems to lack that confidence when he plays union, as though he feels inferior. There is no way he should. If he could get to strutting around and taking charge like he does at league he would be great at union.

I am hoping he has one of those great games that releases whatever it is that is holding him back and he will go on to be one of the greatest rugby players of any code we have ever had.

12th September 2007, 17:46
only pulling your plonker tlg! even if farrel finds his form (long overdue) it won't be enough. we are going to be humiliated and no mistake.

can we beat samoa?

12th September 2007, 21:34
Andy Farrel at 10:eek

I hope I'm wrong but I feel the mother of "Oh Dears" approaching fast...

12th September 2007, 21:36
But what would I know. I'm a round-ball merchant and I haven't played rugger buggery for 30 years. :)

Alf W
12th September 2007, 22:53
I wouldn't play Farrell there any more than I'd play Gerrard, Flintoff or Phil 'The Power' Taylor. It's an instinctive position and League is a completely different game. The danger is he's going to make League style breaks and find himself isolated with his forwards too far away to help. The Centres will get sucked in then turn-over ball, straight out to Habana and England will be stuffed!

I hope I'm proved wrong but League players don't have a great record of converting to Union unless you stick them out on the Wing.