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9th June 2003, 08:59
Here's a question for people fed up with the IT industry:

Does anyone know how I can get information on running a drycleaning business?

i.e. Whats involved, cost of equipment, can I lease any commercial premises and convert to a drycleaners or do I need to take over an existing business?

I don't suppose there's a good "dummies" guide on the subject?:D

9th June 2003, 20:53
So New Labour have taken you to the cleaners and you want to get even?

I wouldn't have thought there's much money in running a dry cleaning business and the capital start-up must be pretty high.

I thought you were once a high flying city type. Can't you retrain as a Feng Shui consultant or something?

9th June 2003, 21:32
Yes, I made a killing out of the city for 5 years. Not a bad run. Only problem is I've almost spent all my spare cash waiting for another job to come in, although I'm thankful for still having equity in my property :)

Judging by the queue at my local dry cleaners at the weekend, I'd say they must be making a huge profit. The staff are so slow, that a queue spills out onto the street. People were starting to get impatient.

Room for some friendly competition, I'd say! :evil

11th June 2003, 21:15
there might be a reason why there is only one of them present in a locality (like in mine) -- there might be no place for 2. In this case established shop has got big advantage.

13th June 2003, 09:26
Yes, but drycleaners no.1 is currently overwhelmed.
Therefore, room for a competitor.

13th June 2003, 20:32
there might not be enough margins for 2 of you - one of your may have to go bust.

Exploding Goat
15th September 2003, 15:34
Odd. I was think about this myself recently.

Not a bad little business. We all need dry cleaners. You don't need highly skilled staff. Running costs are low. If business isn't so good you can always sniff the cleaning fluid.

Here's an ad that's currently on Daltons, for a Dry Cleaners in Taunton. Even at 50% net, you're about £750 quid a week up on the old King Cole.

"DRY CLEANING SERVICES outstanding town ctre position nr Rail Stn TAUNTON substantial 2 storey parade l/up on rent ft'd, eqd & presented to highest specs taking £1,600pw long estab with valuable rep & excellent private/account client base & scope for expansion for services etc or superbly located 'bolt-on' opp sensibly priced at LEASEHOLD £49,950.REF A3163"

22nd September 2003, 09:38
Isn't the dry cleaning business the orgin for the term money laundering?

Order-boy, what your _real_ motivation?