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30th July 2002, 09:37
We are shortly to shut the No-Agency.com website as there wasn't the predicted uptake for the product. With this in mind we are now selling the Dirtectory of over 3000 IT & HR contacts for 50 gbp. For more info and to purchase a copy go to www.no-agency.com.
The site will close on 31st August, after that date the Directory will no longer be available.

30th July 2002, 10:20
Sorry to here you are closing the site.
I think you needed to include some proven success stories from using the site to make it more attractive to contractors.
The product isn't expensive but if it doesn't result in a contract it is yet another cost. Perhaps if you had marketed on the basis of recieving a fee if it resulted in work you might have got a greater take-up.