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18th June 2005, 13:31
For Sale my Live 8 Tickets

Live 8 Tickets

Will accept £1000 for the pair - any takers?

18th June 2005, 13:40
I'm telling Saint Bob on you. No doubt he will be on the telly later trying to get this site hacked and have all the chavs boycott your shops.

18th June 2005, 13:42
Yeh but do you want some. Nice little money spinner there Bob, thank you.

18th June 2005, 14:30
Can't say that I like anybody on the bill enough to pay more than a tenner so I don't think I'll be bothering thanks

Lucifer Box
18th June 2005, 14:32
Just give him yoor fookin money you coont.

19th June 2005, 11:25
Can't say that I like anybody on the bill
Nor me. I assume Coldplay will be there. They aren't bad but Chris Martin is a coont so I wouldn't watch them on principle.

I haven't bothered finding out who else. All I heard was McFly, Ronan Keating, Elton John perhaps? Are Queen going to be there?

19th June 2005, 11:53
Are Queen going to be there?

I don't think Freddie will be!