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    Quote Originally Posted by malvolio View Post
    So are you a proper contractor or not?

    Some clients may want the scope to be malleable, but that's mainly because they're bad at resource management or want an employee without all the hassle of paying NICs, pension rights, notice and the rest.

    I've worked for a long time with contracts that say I am there to deliver a specific end result, be it a migrated datacentre or a service management solution. How I get to do that is up to me. What I won't be doing is taking on the former and delivering the latter, without a clearly written change to cover it.

    When you understand that, and that a "proper" contractor wants only to provide an agreed service. then you can criticise those who already do. It is far more important than you seem to realise.

    Or go with the flow, and look forward to paying yourself 35% less and no expenses from next year.
    Neither of those outcomes are a proper statement of work that would allow you to do the job as a deliverable based project. So do you actually understand contracts or are you just blowing smoke up your own arse?

    Also take the No True Scotsman to General you Tulip.
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    Unnecessary and insulting. Do it your way since clearly l have no knowledge worth sharing.
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