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    Yes I've seen this before they pay 50k per year, so I said no thank you
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    I can assure you that my P60 was a LOT more than £50k when I did this. It is all dependent on what you agree with the Agent / Manpower.

    It can be good, or bad - it is up to you and your negotiation skills.
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    Lots of views, not many sound like they have actually engaged via an FTC contract....

    Yes, the rate on your contract is tulip vs the advertised rate. But... it is similar to an "inside" / Umbrella style rate and this tends to be more than a permie rate for a given role.

    Yes, they deduct stuff and pay it back to you - holidays, pension etc. but if the resulting net is acceptable to you, its a commercial decision for you, not the members of the forum.

    Think of it as an agency worker type of role, not a contract - you get paid weekly, irrelevant of what terms the end client pays the agency on. You can answer a credit application as "employed" (you ARE). You do get basic employee rights and they are funded by a large company.

    In my case, 18 months of known (comfortable) income covering IR35 introduction and Brexit no deal, while my PSC sat still was a no brainer. Especially so, post Covid as I watch my contemporaries sit on a bench having had contracts terminated or not renewed.

    So, short answer: Negotiate / haggle. Be prepared to walk away. You will probably get a higher rate, but it will not be equal to a true "outside" contract rate. Work out the net, if it works for you, make a commercial decision.


    n.b. pension is via NEST.
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    Quote Originally Posted by caffeine man View Post
    A lot of agencies call these fixed term contracts (FTC). You go on the payroll, and have none of the advantages of being a contractor, while not having the job security of being an employee. They will pay the employers NI, and deduct employment taxes. You get paid holidays.

    I have always seen FTCs over the last 20 years on job boards. They were never popular, because most contractors quite rightly think they are crap.

    I have seen a lot more FTCs on the job boards during Covid. Perhaps agencies feel it is a way of paying you a lot less, while confusing you with bulltulip terms like "employed consultant", which implies you have employment rights and perks.

    Another driver is that many financial services companies insist contractors are either using umbrella or on a payroll.

    In a normal market I would avoid FTCs. But in this dreadful market, I guess you need to weigh up using an FTC, against being on the bench for a long time. The big issue with the FTC model is the absense of limited company expenses, can you afford the travel and subsistence, paying for them out of your salary?
    I am in FTC for up to 1 year, if I choose to stay in.

    During the last winter, I reckon that I lost £30- £45K in LTD earning in normal times, because I spent a long time on the bench looking for that lucrative OUTSIDE IR35 contract, but they all seemed to dry up when the 1st January 2020 came. Bulltulip!

    So take it or leave it, regarding your Experis offer. Your choice. You earn or not earn. Decide for your family, loved ones, pets. Balance it off against asking for higher salary.

    And yes CaffeineMan is completely 100% correct. You can't claim business expenses, whether it be a new laptop, a new rocking chair, a shared office workspace, commuting, because you will be effective PAYE.

    (And by the way, I am still open to alternatives, especially when September comes. Let say an OUTSIDE IR35 6 months arrives on my dormat. I will be gone like a shot, because it will finish before the 6th April 2021 deadline. FTC is rubbish for income, but I negotiated the highest income I could get. The other alternative is to work permanent for a very high salary, say £100K plus and beyond. My question to you (and other), who in their right mind is going to pay an employee that figure, especially during COVID? Gold dust would need to be wafting under your bum cheeks to that to be desirable)
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    Negotiate your rate directly with the client PM - then the pair of you can laugh at the uplift that the other ghouls in the chain are applying.
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