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    Quote Originally Posted by dsc View Post
    Quick update, finally had a phone interview with them, turns out it was just a 10min chat with a technical guy. Got an email two days later saying there's a final stage with fecking 4 x 45min interview sessions and a 20min calc test to be done before.

    This is seriously on another level.
    I've just gone through the loop of 5 interviews. As long as you incorporate the leadership principles, have examples for competency/behavioral questions it's easy.

    I jut got feedback that I cleared the loop, but the role is on hold. The recruiter will now speak to the wider team to see if she can find me a role in the team. Apparently.

    The 2 tips I would give are,

    - be yourself, have real examples as they dive deep in to them.
    - the recruiters are there to help and they'll tell you which principles your interviewers will question you on. so each principle has a skill they're trying to find. pay close attention to have backbone and customer obsession. they're really important.

    1 of the interviewer will be a "bar raiser" (most probably outside of the wider team) to have a non-biased view so watch out for that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ChimpMaster View Post
    Well anyway, I applied for a Solutions Architect role 10 days ago and haven't heard back yet.

    Should have gone for Senior SA but don't know how to code in the new stuff.
    I wouldn't worry about the time spent...they took 4 weeks to organise a telephone interview. another 6 weeks to organise face to face (virtual) and then took 3 weeks to respond that i was successful at the face to face. the role is no longer available so awaiting to be placed on another similar role.

    I've spoken to a few people at AWS and it's quite common.

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    Did you pop out for ten minutes? If so check behind your bins for a contract.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GigiBronz View Post
    was discussing with someone that I know the very topic, he and a group of friends have a closed group of tech people from financial sector and share answers from whatever interview they attend.
    Once someone has all the right answers it is obvious they will ace the interview.

    To his and everyone else's surprise it's quite not like that. His suggestion is that the roles do not exist in the first place.
    The managers are just practicing their skills, it helps them benchmark candidates, gives the minions a sense of entitlement by having to judge and police other candidates.

    My take is that it is a coordinated effort by the corporate world to boss people into place. A tired person is more likely to comply with a later demand.
    A continuous undermining of the workforce mindset is good for the establishment.
    And as said above they need people in the essential jobs for the rich to have access to good services and for society to work.
    But at same time they create jobs from thin air so that employment stats are high and also people don't stand on their but at home thinking of how to create problems for everyone else.

    In advanced societies, it is no longer the question of how to use resources efficiently, it's more of how do you create a system that people find "fair" to sell their labour.

    Or at least this is my take on it.

    admin: Why is this not in general? it is definitely not technically related...
    That doesn't sound very plausible to me, at least in my experience. I've managed several large IT recruitment campaigns and most internal hiring managers are hard pressed to devote the time to doing proper shortlisting then interviewing. Maybe your friend's colleagues in FS aren't that busy but you can benchmark candidates in other ways without having to interview people for non-existent jobs.

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