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    Quote Originally Posted by barrydidit View Post
    Aye, i've not been in the Prince of Wales for ages (especially now it's gone...). It was crap. Never sampled Bah'tap so can't really comment. I shall proceed with caution and advise of my findings
    Actually I was in the back room at Bah'Tap on Saturday watching the Rugby. It's a decent place now, and with Head of Steam opposite, Brewery Tap on New Station St above and that one on Boar Lane, the area is a haven for craft beers, or over-priced rubbish if you are teetotal like what I am now (Docs orders).

    There's Bundobust too next to Tharavadu, never tried but it's Indian Street food whatever that is exactly...

    One in M/Cr too...

    BUNDOBUST | Indian Street Food & Craft Beer

    You can't really do Indian Restaurant crawls, can you....

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    I think the general fighting and drugs moved to Yates just round the corner. Tried the one next to bundobust, was alright, at the end of the day it's just oily food with chillies.

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    Quote Originally Posted by stek View Post
    If ever in Leeds try this place, absolutely wonderful food, on Mill Hill very near the station, doesn't even look like curry as we know it, superbly presented and very colourful - and the best I've ever tasted by miles...

    Tharavadu | Michelin Recommended Kerala Restaurant in UK
    Failed to get in there for the second time last night - this time because it was closed, chairs on the tables and a skip filled with bricks parked outside. No news on t'web about what's going on - their answerphone still gives out opening times but it was deffo shut.

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