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    Quote Originally Posted by AtW View Post

    It's as if nothing happened
    Business as usual, surely

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    Quote Originally Posted by _V_ View Post
    More likely this is what has happened

    Fears PCP boom could prompt crash similar to US mortgage crisis

    "Nine out of 10 private new car buyers relied on a PCP agreement as the monthly payment option drove record new car sales."
    Hard Brexit now!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Platypus View Post
    People still buying diesel, after all the emissions scandals.

    I'm shocked.

    But for 2p / litre, what the heck! Who cares if people die?
    Because past governments have made the tax situation in favour for diesel (at least for people using cars for work)

    3yrs ago I brought a diesel as it was the best “environmental choice” electric won’t work for me yet due to range limitations

    Sometime next year I will likely replace it but I will wait & see what the budget has to say on Diesel: rumoured scrappage scheme & the like
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    Default Brexit BOOM™: UK new car sales speed to record high

    Nothing to do with the VED hike, then? Of course not.


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