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    It's OK, the coalition of chaos will pay it from the magic money tree
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    Quote Originally Posted by woohoo View Post
    You really are stupid. If bank a is owed 10b, gov a gives bailout to country b and country b pays bank a then bank a is ok jack. Gov a is now owed the money by country b.

    Ffs this is simple stuff.
    It isn't simple stuff. Your understanding of it is simplistic, because you're a simpleton.

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    Quote Originally Posted by original PM View Post
    Insults but no answers, how very interesting.

    It's almost like you haven't got any.
    It's very hard to have a coherent conversation with the likes of you and Shaun the squaddie. You are so blinded with your our ignorance that no amount of logic or facts can get through to you. I really do feel sorry for you - your lives must be so unfulfilled.
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