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    Quote Originally Posted by eek View Post
    TMI springs to mind there.

    BP TFA..

    My plans aren't exactly exciting as Mrs Eek and sprogs have cleared off to see friends in Scotland so its me by myself today. Need to find some food and then TV tonight...
    Tomorrow my parents are calling in so that will be a meal out at some point with a few household errands added.
    Sunday fly to Vienna (far less stress doing it 5pm Sunday via Schipol than 6am Monday morning via CDG). Alcohol will be consumed in lounges before I go...
    To be fair we will most probably end up going to Manchester to play Pokemon Go but alcohol is a certain
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    TFA BP.

    I'm hoping to be sober enough at some point to get the second coat of paint on the kitchen walls, gloss the woodwork, rehang the door and get the fridge moved back into it's proper position. I accidentally got wasted last Saturday night which wrote off Sunday and prevented the above activity which means i've been dancing around paint tubs, tile boxes, ladders and a whole bunch of tulip that isn't where it ought to be for 2 weeks longer than originally planned.

    However, if Mrs BP has any of those jobs on your list, i'll just stay in the pub all weekend and leave you to it.

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    Tomorrow I will start training again with a view of taking part in the next competition.
    Saturday afternoon will be taking young un to the big town for school shoes
    Sunday jobs, roast dinner and stuff like that.

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    family Holiday starts on Sunday

    So beer and curry tonight, packing tomorrow followed by frantic shopping to buy things we need and do not have as identified during packing activity.

    take the cats to the cattery

    beer saturday night

    take the guinea pigs to parents


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    Quote Originally Posted by barrydidit View Post
    TFA BP.

    . I accidentally got wasted last Saturday night which wrote off Sunday.
    aye! - Right!

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    TFA as ever.

    I'm decorating the bedroom this weekend and unfortunately that's not a euphemism. Lots of gloss work to do.

    However, I've just got back from Borough Market with some very nice halibut for Saturday and a brace of grouse for a Sunday roast. Also I've picked up some baby oranges which I plan to add to an Old-fashioned or two so it won't be all hard work. quagmire of cesspit of laziness and unfairness....all I am doing is sticking two fingers up at nurses, doctors and other hard working employed professionals...

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