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    Seemed a fluff piece to me - no questioning of HMRC figures/estimates. Comparison made between perm on 40k and contractor on 40k a bit crap. The contractor will usually charge more and therefore more revenue in tax.

    No real detail on how much a perm benefit adds up to.

    Not a huge amount from companies on the benefits that a contractor can bring. Often, smaller companies can't afford to employ someone full time with the skills of a contractor. I know I've worked for companies in Wales where they struggle to get perm people to do the commute.

    If I was a perm reading this article I would say bloody contractor make em pay the same as me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by mudskipper View Post
    Stick the figures in here

    (Zero out everything else)
    @Brillo - why the neg rep for this post? What has offended you?

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    A contractor working at a level of a permie tugging 40K salary would probably be charging more like 60K a year as an equivalent, so therefore would be paying more tax. That article really wasn't very well written and once again paints us in a light of tax avoiding bar stewards to Joe Public.

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